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Grado Prestige, for those that want better music

Updated on December 17, 2013

Alright, let's agree that you possess more music, in your pocket, than any human of previous generations could even imagine.

That, in your pocket, right now, are fifty years of pop music, thousands or tens of thousands of songs. Songs from Mali and Liverpool and Austin and that town in Georgia I can never remember the name of--Rome--no, Athens!

Anyway, what are you doing with all of that music?

My guess, if you're like the masses (at least so far) is that you're listening through the cheapest white headphones the purchasing agent at the fruit company that made your smartphone could buy.

Or maybe, just maybe, you were seduced by loud marketing and louder bass and bought a pair of truly lousy headphones that rhyme with pleats. Or almost rhyme with fleeced.

It's not too late to fix this problem. Not to late to give or get a gift that will completely and totally transform the way you listen to music.

And, ready for this?

They're from Brooklyn.

From a company that's been doing this for a very long time. No flash, no TV partnerships, only music.

The Grado Prestige SR80i is at the key inflection point on the curve, the rare product that sits precisely where you need it to sit on the price/quality trade off. Pay less, get a lot less. Pay more, get a little more.

But here, one click away, is just the right pair for most people. Did I mention that they're made in Brooklyn?

Try 'em out.

For one step up the ladder, consider the SR325 instead...


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    • Parleo profile image

      Parleo 3 years ago

      @ryetersegramp: Open = audible to others, so only suitable for private use. Also, external noise leaks in so best to be in a quiet place. I have the 325s and they are truly great for vocals.

    • Jackowacko LM profile image

      Jackowacko LM 4 years ago

      Good quality for a relative low price.

    • profile image

      houldsworth1 4 years ago

      These look great but since I would primarily be using them on my bus ride I'm worried that the open backs will cause the people around me to get irritated.

    • profile image

      ryetersegramp 4 years ago

      What about audio coming out on "the wrong side". If you work at an office, or take public transport, you know what I mean. Any feedback on that?

    • profile image

      simplesmartsci 4 years ago

      Thanks Seth, been looking for these forever.

    • profile image

      jeffrey-fass 4 years ago

      I've had SR80i's for years. Also used to use their cartridges. Amazing performance, way beyond price.