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Great Indie Music

Updated on October 14, 2015

Great Indie Bands and Artists

With the popularity of social media, this is a very exciting era for indie bands and their fans! An artist that would have only been known in their local clubs back only a few years ago, can have a few hundred thousand hits on YouTube and sell their digital music within weeks of going live.

Of course, there always is the debate on what is meant by an indie (independent) music artist. Today's definition is probably closer to a "Youtuber" -- at least, initially. Basically , a DIY (Do-it-youself) artist.

Youtube Platform

YouTube has become such a popular springboard for new artists. The general plan works similarly to this:

(1) Have musical talent;

(2) Have passion for music and performing;

(3) Make sure you have the proper instruments;

(4) Decide on an at least make shift recording area (basement, garage, church, etc.);

(5) Set up your own YouTube channel;

(6) Record cover songs so YouTube viewers will see your song when they listen to the original group;

(7) Obtain subscribers;

(8) Record original material after you have a good following;

(9) Find a small, independent label or maybe create your own.

{NOTE: Although this is in no way any type of legal advise, if you will be making any type profit (selling online, part of a CD, live performance, etc.) you should look into doing the proper paperwork for royalties to go to the proper parties. Apparently, HarryFox will do most of this for you. They apparently take care of the paperwork and distribution of the royalties (less than 10 cents per sale??)}.

Boyce Avenue

One of the original YouTubers is Boyce Avenue. The Manzano brothers are pushing a combined total of 1 BILLION views on YouTube for all of their covers, collaborations, and original material. They currently have over 3.5 millions subscribers to their channel. They are definitely the frontrunners in this arena.

We personally enjoy their collaborations the best. They have cover songs with fellow YouTubers such as Fifth Harmony, Hannah Trigwell, Megan Nicole, Alex Goot, Cobus Potgieter, Tyler Ward, Tiffany Alvord, Megan & Liz, Kina Grannis, Savannah Outen, among others.

This is amazing how these artists have all taken off themselves. Most have developed their own fanbase and following. They have regular new music introductions, their own music (most are songwriters themselves), even some have signed on with known record labels. This is really an exciting inductry!

Kina Grannis

If you are not familiar with this lovely young lady, you are in for a treat. If you already know her music, you know what we mean. She has a folksy, yet very powerful voice. Her two songs with Boyce Avenue, Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" and U2's "With or Without You" are both phenomenal.

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

You will find yourself listening to this song over and over!

Boyce Avenue Acoustic Session Downloads

Here are a few Boyce Avenue downloads for your listening pleasure. You will have the option of downloading any individual song or the entire CD:

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony is a relatively new group, having formed in 2012 during the second season of X Factor. The five members (hence the name) are Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei Hamilton, Lauren Jauregui, Allyson Brooke Hernandez and Dinah Jane Hansen.

As hinted by their name, they are best known for their multilayer harmonies and the ability for any of the five to carry the solo part. This is not surprising since they started as solo contenders on the show and were joined together by Simon Cowell.

Fifth Harmony & Boyce Avenue - When I was your Man

Some believe that this version is even better than Bruno Mars' original. You can always tell a high quality song when someone else can come along with a totally different interpretation, and suddenly, you are not sure which version you like better. A song about an immature man who lost his love due to not understanding the ways of romance becomes a much more interactive song with perhaps a glimmer of hope for the future.

Cassadee Pope

Although some would argue whether Cassadee Pope is an indie artist, she broke into the industry with a relatively obscure band, Hey Monday. This group was mostly unknown until their song "Candles" was performed on Glee in March of 2011 (Season 2). Many learned of her existence during her highly successful appearance on "The Voice." She was the third season winner in December, 2012. Her powerful voice and ability to sing an enormous variety of songs has her fans waiting anxiously for her future music.

Cassadee's "Frame By Frame" album is available and flying up the charts. Her advance single was "Wasting All These Tears." This song really shows off her country/pop voice. Trying to squeeze her into a twangy pure country singer like Miranda Lambert, for example, is not really fair. It is best just to appreciate her talents.

Frame By Frame
Frame By Frame

Available now. Definitely worth it!


Wonderful video; really hard not to get sucked into the story. Great vocals.

Lindsey Stirling - Amazing Violin!

Who has not heard of the trend-setting, violin-playing, energetic young, YouTube sensation, Lindsey Stirling? If you have not, check her out - right here.

Maddie & Tae

Although Madison Marlowe and Taylor Dye are signed to Dot Records, a revived division of Big Machine Records, they still have that indie feel. Their first release was "Girl in a Country Song." This song was basically a tongue-in-cheek protest song for the sexism in "Bro Country" songs and especially videos. It definitely attracted attention and controversy. It was a brilliant marketing move and allowed the duo to release additional more substantive songs to a ready audience.

Their second song, "Fly" was an absolute masterpiece. The seamless harmonies, the interplay of the guitars and fiddle, and the great lyrics all put the song up on many lists for this year and beyond. Even though it appears to be written (especially watching the video) as a female empowerment anthem, it can be used by anyone who feels they need encouragement to try without the crippling fear of failure. The theme of “You can learn to fly on the way down” is so unbelievably powerful.

Maddie & Tae - Fly

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