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greatest movie film toplist

Updated on July 15, 2011

The top movies of all time

This is a compilation of some of the best movies I my view and In the view of many others. I have done this to show people what they are missing if they have not watched these films and to help people find something great to watch if you are that bored. When it comes to great movies this is the place to be, here there are some of the best movies in the business and some of the greatest cast to go with it. You will not find a detailed review about the movies here but you will find some good movies.

Okay so lets get into the countdown!

At number 10

Fight club

This movies is for all of you action junkies, this is a great film to watch and see the gritty side of life. With loads of bombs and fights you will not be disappointed there is loads to keep you engaged in this movie. When it comes to actual, structure this film is well thought out David Fincher the director show great talent. Amongst all the fighting and all the mayhem everything seems to make sense, this is what a action movie is all about. The star performance here comes from Brad Pit and just his name in these early ages makes it a must to watch. One of the great for me even though it came out in 1999 however I think to be further down the list you need a little more than action.

Number 9

The Matrix

How about action and some futuristic stuff thrown in for good measure? Yeh..... maybe this could work, when it comes to getting known for being a great movies by young adults to old ones this movie takes the cake. The matrix is one of those movie trilogies that can show over and over again because you couldn’t get bored. When it came to futuristic sy-fy for the masses this is where you needed to go. This movie has made a name for Keanu Reeves and other members of the trilogy and it comes as no surprise as they put in great performances . If you haven’t watched it well I don’t really know what to say but that its a great movie and definitely a great.

Number 8

Star wars

Now Star Wars have more movies than I can actually remember how ever to be honest I was trying to find their best movie, I couldn’t. When it comes to Luke Skywalker and the master Yoda there is no way you can find a movie which was not brilliant. Although I could not pick one movie that was good to watch I have to say this. I have watched them all and for me there is no comparing them they all deserve the number 8 spot of the greats. Movies are not made any much better than this , the cast the storylines the science fiction. It is all there and if you are a true movies fan then you have watched this.

Number 7

Requiem of a Dream

I think this is one of the most realistic films that I have seen it is more of a drama than a movie but a movie non the less. This movie touches on the controversial subject of drugs and it touches on it in a way that touches you. There is not much more I can say about the film it is just up there and it deserves its place.

Number 6

Shawshank Redmpetion

Now anyone who has seen Morgan Freeman’s work or has heard of the name does not need to be told this is a very successful actor. When I saw this (and I still believe it till this day) I thought this is the best movie work I have seen from him. You know when a movie is good when its concept is taken by other writers and used for their movies. Shawshank Redemption the title encompasses the heart of the film the pain of prison and the incredible story behind this one.

Number 5


Russell Crow the lone gladiator against the emperor of Rome, that in itself sound exciting. This movie is more than that, it shows life in those days that are not filmed. It depicts a timeline in which we have no insight to. However it does this and gives you a story of an individual to follow , not only does it do that it also injects action into the story. This is a stunning performance from the cast, but the way in which Rome and what it stands for and its ‘people’ is the reason why this is number 5.

Number 4

The Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Ring)

When this movie came out I was not interested, like most people that where my age I was more interested about getting a ring on finger that Lords of the rings. However one day I actually sat down and what the whole movie and how it was told and the way in which effects are used in this movie. I then realised this was number 4 in my list and that even though it was not for me everyone had a point, it was great.

Number 3


Now this film is a film that has been known to be so sad it can bring tears to a woman & some men everytime they watch it. I could not believe the amount of times this has happened, this as it may be a question came into my head. If this film was so sad, then why watch it so many times. I came to the realisation that this was a great film ,and behind the pool of tear and the weeping there was a great story. A lot of people in fact know the story of the Titanic because of the movie and not because of history, this says something. I believe that this film could be one of the most romantic and tragic films that was made ever! And the soundtrack was great.

Number 2

Forest Gump

Now not a lot of people will agree with me on this because they feel this should not be number 2. I think that you will agree that we all like a positive message and that is what we want to send to the younger generation. In that case we must agree that even without the great acting and the great story this film gives the right message. Just on that , the film should be in the list where you put ? Well for that we can start looking at everything else.

Number the Godfather

Now it doesn’t matter which one you want to pick , just pick one 3 , 2 ,1 , just pick a number because any one of these is to be considered the greatest film in the movie business. The story , the acters, the depiction of Godfather himself and the detail in which the real mafia operated. The movie had it all and to top it of the cast? Fantastico, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


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