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Gregory Porter now on Blue Note Records: Liquid Spirit

Updated on June 17, 2015
Gregory Porter on Blue Note
Gregory Porter on Blue Note | Source

Gregory Porter's Liquid Spirit

For keen lovers of jazz and blues, the fact that this is Porter's first album for Blue Note Records speaks volumes.

Wonderful jazz vocals

If you haven't come across Gregory Porter before, I urge you to listen to the video below or click the button on the right hear every track available. (You can also buy individual MP3s if you wish).

Why Blue Note Records?

For as long as I can remember this label has indicated top quality jazz and blues music. When I was a young teenager, there was a tiny record shop in town. It sold ex-juke box singles (we had to buy those plastic discs that went in the middle), imports and music by various obscure artists that we'd never heard of. But the store did sell Blue Note Records. We'd know as soon as we saw the logo that these were great music simply because of the label. I was never disappointed.

American music

The music sold in the mainstream record stores was largely the singles from the British Top Twenty. These, naturally enough, were British musicians with just a smattering of the top American musicians. But we listened to the American Forces Network on out tiny (and tinny) battery operated transistor radios. This meant that we wanted to buy American music and that Blue Note Records provided just what we wanted.

Younger jazz

It was Blue Note, and my dad, that introduced me to jazz which became lifelong love. What's great is to see that younger performers are still producing great music.

Gregory Porter is an excellent example.

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As far as I know, this was Porter's first album. Until that time he was the jazz world's 'best kept secret'. The three you see on this page are his only available recordings to date but I'm sure that we'll see many more in years to come.

Be Good
Be Good

Once you have one Gregory Porter CD you'll want more. Like the version above, you can also buy the tracks individually but to me, this is a waste of money as you'll almost certainly buy the CD pretty soon.



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