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Grown Ups 2 Soundtrack List of All the Songs in the Movie

Updated on November 14, 2013

Produced by Adam Sandler

Hands up if you slow danced to Bryan Adam's "Heaven" at your high school prom. If so, you're gonna love the music on Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2 Soundtrack with a list chock full of songs from the 80s. I love that they even included the more obscure Haircut 100's "Love Plus One". MC Hammer and Frankie Goes to Hollywood made the cut along with The Outfield, New Order, April Wine, Warrant, Howard Jones, Billy Idol with Generation X, J. Geils Band, Billy Squier, Eddie Money and REO Speedwagon. Additional music from Lizzy D, PlaceMints and The Cataracs featuring DEV.

It's kinda sorta Grown Ups 2 with the return of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock & David Spade with the exception of Rob Schneider. Official word is that Schneider was not included because of scheduling commitments. What else does the guy have going on? Did he get on Sandler's bad side or think he was worth more?

The cast also includes Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, Taylor Lautner, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph, Nick Swardson, Alexander Ludwig, Colin Quinn, Jon Lovitz, Will Forte, Shaquille O'Neal, Cheri Oteri, Arnold Scwarzenegger's son Patrick & SNL alumni Tim Meadows. Sandler's family also appear in the movie including his wife Jacki, his daughter Sadie and his son Jared.

The Grown Ups 2 Soundtrack Score is being scored by Rupert Gregson-Williams who also wrote the music for Kevin James' Here Comes the Boom as well as Sandler's recent releases That's My Boy and Jack & Jill in addition to writing the score for the original Grown Ups movie and the 2013 upcoming movie release Postman Pat: The Movie - You Know You're the One.

But like many an Adam Sandler movie, no deal has been brokered with the record companies to release either the music or the score. However, you can get most of the hits songs as individual music downloads from iTunes or

The music editor according to IMDb is J.J. George along with music supervisor Kevin Grady who is also a co-producer on the movie having also worked as a co-producer on the following Sandler movie productions: That's My Boy, Jack and Jill, Just Go With It, Grown Ups, Bedtime Stories, You Don't Mess with the Zohan (co-producer), I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Click, The Longest Yard and 50 First Dates.

Directed by Dennis Dugan, Grown Ups 2 was released initially in theaters in the U.S., Brazil & Spain on July 12, 2013 before being released the following week in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Portugal. In August, the movie will be released in Denmark, Ireland, Norway, the UK, Sweden & Taiwan. Australia & Argentina can expect the movie to be released in September while France will have to wait until October 2, 2013.

If you're wondering if you can take your kids to see Sandler's latest movie, it should be fine as the movie is rated PG-13 meaning there may be some material not suitable for children to view and parent guidance is suggested.

Adam Sandler

Grown Ups 2 Movie Poster

Source: / Universal Pictures

Updated 8/5 & 11/13/2013

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Soundtrack List Grown Ups 2 O.S.T.

All the Songs in the Movie

Source: IMDb | Spirit Music Group | The Placemints

If there's one thing about Adam Sandler movies that makes them tick is that they usually feature great music. Whether the movie ends up being a bust or not, you can at least count on the music being awesome. Nothing like Warrant's "Cherry Pie" to provide the perfect sass and ironic punchline to a car wash scene that's shown in the movie's preview trailers. Hilarious. Andy Sandberg as a naughty cheerleader makes getting clean look dirty.

"End of the World (Party One More Time)" - The PlaceMints featuring Boogieman

"Dancing on Top of the World" (R8d!O's New Swag Remix) - The PlaceMints

"Bass Down Low" - The Cataracs featuring Dev

"Never Tell an Angel" - The Stompers

"Pizzicato Polka" - Written by Johann Strauss II

"Everybody Get Wasted" - Lizzy D

"Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor (Für Elise)" - Written by Ludwig van Beethoven

Classic Rock, Pop & Dance Songs - From the 70s, 80s & More

Classic Masters
Classic Masters

It's so funny how a song can appear dormant for so many years, then bam, April Wine's "Roller" suddenly shows up in two summer movies as it was also used in the Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy cop movie "The Heat". From South of the border, it's Canadian rockers, April Wine. The other rock songs that round out the soundtrack are "Cherry Pie" from Warrant used in the car wash scene. More pop than rock, there's The Outfield's "Say It Isn't So".

MTV Unplugged
MTV Unplugged

Looking up Bryan Adams "Heaven" gave me a chance to stumble upon this acoustic performance of his 80s ballad that's worth a listen. Eddie Money's nostalgic pop rock ballad "I Wanna Go Back" is also in the film. REO Speedwagon's "Live Every Moment" also celebrates living life time the fullest right here and right now.

Hard to Find 45s on CD, Volume 8: 70's Pop Classics
Hard to Find 45s on CD, Volume 8: 70's Pop Classics

Representing the 70s. Songs from '77 & '78. It seems like Warren Zevon's song "Werewolves of London" has never really faded into the background. But it was good to see that music supervisor Kevin Grady pulled out lesser known songs "Driver's Seat" from Sniff 'n' the Tears, "Toein' the Line" from Rocky Burnette and there's also Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell".

Lonely Is The Night (Remastered)
Lonely Is The Night (Remastered)

Billy Squier has also been popping up a lot lately, in Grown Ups 2 it's with "Lonely is the Night", the song used in a party scene where Adam Sandler as Lenny Feder comes face to face with someone that used to bully him.


80s Songs in Grown Ups 2 - Warning: Once You Start Clicking You Won't Stop

I tried to find the ultimate 80s collection that had all the songs in Grown Ups 2 and that was an impossible but fun task. What would happen is I'd look up one artist like Haircut 100 and get turned on to an 80s compilation with new wave or dance songs. Then I'd look up Billy Idol and it would be some 80s dance or pop mix. So click on any of the albums below and you'll find more than enough collections to fill a decade.

U Can't Touch This: The Collection
U Can't Touch This: The Collection

Yes, I'm enough to remember seeing MC Hammer in concert when he was touring with this song. This is a man that knew no limits. I'm sure his elaborate stage productions contributed to his financial woes. Before there was a Lady Gaga it was Hammer time and he knew how to throw down with elaborate stage sets and a ton of dancers all doing their thang in sync. Did you see MC Hammer and Psy on this year's New Year's Rockin' Eve?

One in a Million
One in a Million

Check out the great 80s hair on The Romantics. Even though only one of their songs is in the movie, click on the album cover to wax nostalgic about their other great hits such as "Talking In Your Sleep" and "What I Like About You".


J. Geils Band Appears in Grown Ups 2 - The Legendary Rockers Perform in a Pool Scene

To see a picture of Peter Wolf with Selma Hayek, click here. The band has 5 songs in the movie including "Centerfold", "Give It to Me", "Where Did Our Love Go", "Nighttime" and "Ain't Nothing But a House Party".

Best Of The J. Geils Band
Best Of The J. Geils Band

"Centerfold" and "Nighttime" are available on this greatest hits album.

Best Of The J. Geils Band
Best Of The J. Geils Band

[It Ain't Nothin' But A] House Party, Give it to Me and Where Did Our Love Go are on this "Best Of" album. While not in the movie, the song "I Do" by the J. Geils Band is on one of the movie trailers.


Separated at Birth Peter Wolf & Adam Levine - Music Video For Centerfold

I don't think of seen this video for "Centerfold" since it came out on MTV or VH1 back in the 80s. But at a quick glance, I hadn't even realized how much Maroon 5's Adam Levine (The Voice) resembles Peter Wolf to some degree. Wolf could easily be mistaken as his uncle, cousin or some other relative. Or perhaps it's just Levine's thin build that's similar to Wolf's stick frame and their pronounced cheek bones that make me think they resemble one another.

Songs in the Grown Ups 2 Movie Trailers & Ads - Doobie Brothers, Warrant, Poison

  1. China Grove by the Doobie Brothers

    It just takes a few strums of the guitar to register the iconic chords of the Doobie Brothers classic song and they don't even have to hit the vocals. It's great to see the song is back as one of the top MP3 pop/soft rock downloads on

  2. I Do by J. Geils Band

    If you're wondering what's the retro sounding song with the lyrics "Do I Love You", it's one of the many songs J. Geils Band associated with the Grown Ups 2 movie sequel.

  3. Since You Been Gone by Rainbow

    Not to be confused with Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone", Rainbow takes us back to the 70s when it was a hit for the band from the album Down to Earth released in 1979.

  4. Put Your Hands in the Air and Wave 'Em Like You Just Don't Care

    If you're wondering about the song where the cop tells them to put there hands up in the parking lot of the shopping center, itturns out there's a ton of songs that use this line in their songs or something similar. Remember Cameo's "Word Up" which tells ya to "wave your hands in the air".

  5. Nothing But a Good Time by Poison

    Aaaah, it's coming back to me now, the pretty boy rock bands of the 80s where the lead singers had some pretty impressive manes and Bret Michaels was one of the cutie pies with his dirty blonde locks either pulled under a bandana or cowboy hat.

  6. Cherry Pie by Warrant

    A favorite of pole dancers everywhere and a great song to strut your stuff. Yes, this is the song used in the car wash scene.

  7. (I Need) Good Love by Kram

    For the ad Look Who's Growing Up where the guys all attend the dance recital, at about 9 seconds in, the guitar and drums kick in just before the car washing scene. The song Good Love was also used in the movie This Means War.

  8. I Don't Care, I Love It by Icona Pop Featuring Charli XCX

    For the Grown Ups 2 Viral Video Fratboy Remix, the driving dance beat of Icona Pop narrates the antics.

Music From the First Grown Ups Movie - J. Geils Band, Joe Walsh, Triumph

Here's a playlist of videos on YouTube. Click here. 16 songs from the movie were released but according to the ReelSoundtrack blog there were 34 songs used in the movie. Check out the complete list here.

Watch the Official Preview Videos

In its opening weekend, audiences decided they'd rather be scared than to take their chances with another goofy Adam Sandler comedy choosing to check out the scary movie The Conjuring based on a real life story instead. Could Sandler have lost his golden touch? Is today's movie going audience tired of lame Sandler comedies such as That's My Boy, Just Go With It and Jack and Jill?

Taylor Lautner Looks Just as Hot as Salma Hayek - Andy Samberg Show How to Rock a Pair of Shortie Shorts

Check out the international trailer which is a little bit different than the one you might see on tv in the U.S. or Canada.

What's wasted? When you have a hankering for ice cream. I wanna get chocolate wasted!!!

Growing Up is Impossible

Look Who's Growing Up

This is how we used to do it. One minute clip.

TV Spot. In Theaters Now.

Taylor Lautner Clip.

Grown Ups 2 Movie Channel on YouTube

Grown Ups 2 Movie
Grown Ups 2 Movie

The Cast Works the Talk Show Circuit - Grown Ups 2 Remix

The movie I would really love to see is the movie that we don't get to see. The closest we get to all the behind the scenes footage is when the guys got together to do talk show interviews to promote Grown Ups 2.

From the Set of Grown Ups 2

Taylor Lauter & Grown Ups 2 - Raw Footage From the Set of Grown Ups 2

Arnold Schwarzneggar's Son in Grown Ups 2

On the Set of Grown Ups 2

Last Day of Grown Ups 2

China Anne McClain Talks About Grown Ups 2

Cameron Boyce on the Set of Grown Ups 2

Cool Interview David Spade on Howard Stern - Talking About Adam Sandler, SNL & Chris Farley

Grown Ups 2 Release Date

July 12, 2013

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

Adam Sandler is Back Together With Drew Barrymore - In the Romantic Comedy Blended

Source: IMDb

After a string of misfit comedies Adam Sandler is getting back with one of his favorite co-stars. After all, it's Drew Barrymore who brought him box office success co-starring in the romantic comedies The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. Being a family man, Sandler has tapped into that theme as of late and Blended follows suit, so I'm not sure if it'll be another flop like Just Go With It.

In this case, it's a movie with a slightly unusual premise. After all, who brings their kids on a first date? So that'll be Drew Barrymore, the former adorable kid in Poltergeist playing a Mommy while Sandler will reprise his role as of late as a Dad. Kind sounds like a Brady Brunch prequel where two families come together.

Currently the movie's in production. Sandler's other project in development is The Ridiculous Six, a western comedy. Perhaps after Grown Ups 2, Sandler in search of a box office hit is seeing if a romcom's the ticket or if his chemistry with Barrymore will carry the movie. Here's Sandler on the set of Blended in Burford, Georgia. Click here. Release Date: May 23, 2014.

What do you you think of the Grown Ups 2 Movie and Soundtrack?

Grown Ups 2 Soundtrack

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      5 years ago

      Grown ups were a decent movie, I hope sequel won't be lousier


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