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Grunge Rock Music

Updated on February 17, 2013

Grunge Rock Music What Generation X Left For The Future.

I fell in love with Seattle Area grunge rock in the 1990's during high school. Bands like Nirvana, Pearl jam, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney , Soundgarden and the like. It taught me to search for music, these bands all had past projects or side projects on cassette or CD on some obscure indie label. So we would seek them out, this was back when their was no internet music sites or much of an internet at all. We would scour the mom and pop record shops and chain stores finding gems like Green River, Brad, Mad Season, Mother Love Bone. Such a wealth of great rock music hidden away for us as teens.

So here is my lens dedicated to Grunge music and the bands who shaped it!

Just a few of my suggested listening on iTunes,, and more!

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