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[Korean Drama 2013] Gu Family Book

Updated on September 28, 2014

Choi Kang Chi's Journey to find the coveted Gu Family Book

Gu Family Book portrays the journey of half-man half-beast Choi Kang Chi as he endlessly looking to find Gu Family Book so he can become full human.Nobody has ever seen the book, not even Monk So Jung, the only person who knows about the existence of this book.

This drama's English title was changed to "Kang Chi, the Beginning" few days before the drama started, and I think it's the proper title because they didn't really explore the coveted book.

The first two episodes of GFB focus on Kang Chi's parents, guardian of mountain Jiri "Gu Wol Ryung" and "Yoon Seo Hwa", a noble daughter who's sold as a gisaeng after she witnessed the evil Gwang Woong killed her own father in front of her. The kind-hearted & love-struck Wol Ryung who has been repeatedly warned by his only best friend, Monk So Jung, for never meddling in human's problems, decides to help Seo Hwa.

Seo Hwa is touched with his gesture and innocent love. After escaping from the gisaeng house, she lives in a mystical moonlight garden with Wol Ryung who gives her everything she needs & wants. They get married there and start their newlywed life happily.

Unfortunately, Wol Ryung forgets to tell her the most important thing about himself:

- he's not a human.

- when he's angry, he'll turn into a monster, a beast.

- In order to become human, he needs to follow 3 rules for 100 days. Just few days before he completes the 100 days, he breaks these rules to save Seo Hwa.

As soon as she realizes that he's a monster, she rejects him and the baby that she's carrying. In the end, she betrays her own husband and abandons her baby in a river.

That baby is Choi Kang Chi. He knows that Park Moo Sol is not his real father, he's someone who picked him in the river and named him Choi Kang Chi; Choi - surname of Park Moo Sol's loyal servant, Kang - river, Chi - abandon. Monk So Jung tells Park Moo Sol that this baby will bring him lots of good fortune; as long as he wears his bracelet.

Monk So Jung's prophecy is right, Park Moo Sol's inn flourishes. Everyone knows about his generosity and kindness. He treats & loves his own son & daughter & Kang Chi equally.

Growing up together, Kang Chi falls in love with Park Moo Sol's beautiful daughter, Park Chung Jo. He wants to freed her from the arranged marriage, but his efforts fail. Park Moo Sol's wife then punish him and send him away to a secluded forest. In there, a group of assassins is ready to kill him; but an unknown girl (who Kang Chi firstly believes is a man) saves him. This girl is Dam Yeo Wool. Against Monk So Jung's advice who warns her to avoid meeting with a man under the peach tree with a crescent moon; she decides to help this man. Yeo Wool is an upright woman who can't stand injustice. She's skilled in martial arts and archery.

So what will happen with Kang Chi & Chung Jo's love story? And what will Yeo Wool's journey be after she breaks Monk So Jung's prophecy? Will Kang Chi able to find the book / transform into human?

Gu Family Book will answer all those questions for you. You will be laughing at one minute watching Kang Chi's playfulness and crying the next watching him working his hardest saving his closest family. You'll be touched when Kang Chi feels that the family who he really loves abandon him just because he's different from them. And when Kang Chi tearfully confesses to Admiral Lee Soon Shin that the only thing he wants is to become a human, as sometimes he can't even control his mystical spirit and because of this, he hurt people closest to him.

This drama will teach us many important aspects about humanity. It also shows that different life principals and the path they choose to take will bring very different ends for Seo Hwa -v- Yeo Wool; Seo Hwa -v- Chong Jo, Wol Ryung -v- Kang Chi and Seo Hwa, Wol Ryung -v- Yeo Wool, Kang Chi.

“What determines your humanity is not the blood that flows inside you. But your decision and willingness to live a good life.”

Details, Teaser & Casts

My favorite GFB Quote

“Don’t be afraid of what you chose. The moment you lose yourself in fear, you will lose everything. The opposite of trust is fear” -Wol Ryung-


Number of Episodes: 24

Previously Known As: Gu Family Secret

Also Known As: Kang Chi, the Beginning; Book of the House of Gu; The Writings of Nine Houses; Ancient Medical Book

Original run: 8 April - 25 June 2013 on MBC every Mondays & Tuesdays 22.00 KST

Production Directors: Shin Woo Chul (A Gentleman Dignity, Secret Garden), Kim Jung Hyun

Scriptwriter: Kang Eun Kyung (King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo, Dal Ja's Spring)

Official Website: Gu Family Book

Average Rating: 16.1%

Choi Kang Chi
Choi Kang Chi


Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) is a playful, temperamental man who can't stand watching the underprivileged being tormented by the noblemen / Mo Bong Chul's gang. He really respects Park Moo Sol who raises him like his own son; every time there is trouble in the Park household, Kang Chi will always come the the rescue.

He has a cute crush to Park Moo Sol's daughter, Park Chung Jo; but he is aware that his low birth status (he's not a nobleman's son) prevent him to be together with her.

For 20 years, he wears a red beaded bracelet; this bracelet helps him to control himself as full human. Kang Chi doesn't know that he's son of a beast & a human; which makes him a half-beast half-man until he erupts in anger when he can't save his beloved father, Park Moo Sol. Jo Kwan Woong, the most hated man in this drama is doing everything he can to kill Kang Chi.

Because of his mythical blood, Kang Chi is able to heal himself and other people using his blood (with one very important tip: he can only save them once). However, because he never live as mythical beast, he's unable to control the beast within himself; unless he wears his bracelet. Many times he has to take off his bracelet to save his loved ones. The only one who can help him controlling his beast side is Yeo Wool. But he realizes that people see him as a beast, not a human. So he decides to take the impossible path: to become human. So he starts his journey to look for Gu Family Book.

With Yeo Wool by his side, Kang Chi gets his confidence back and he feels loved & accepted.

Dam Yeo Wool
Dam Yeo Wool

Dam Yeo Wool (Bae Suzy) is an upright young lady who has excellent archery skills. She lost her mother when she was really young, hence, her father, Dam raises her alone. She's a very bright & smart; she has her own principles about life and will never be tossed around by other people. She's crossing-dressing as a man to defend people from injustice. Together with her loyal bodyguard, Gon, they embark on a very secretive dangerous mission across the country.

Monk So Jung prophecies that she cannot save someone under the peach tree during crescent moon; if she decides to save him, then one of them may die. However, she believes that everyone will die one day (it's a fact of life).

The person she saves is Kang Chi, the man who once saved her from a dog. She knows that Kang Chi has a very special ability. Sshe stands by his side when he unleashed his beast side; she wants to do everything she can to help Kang Chi fulfills his dream to become full human. Although her father tries to separate this love-bird and arrange her marriage with Park Tae Soo; Yeo Wool never gives up. She is aware that Kang Chi may unintentionally hurt her, but she knows that the one who hurt her is not the real Kang Chi, it's beast Kang Chi.

She accepts Kang Chi as who he is, with all his weaknesses & strength. Unlike Kang Chi's mother, Seo Hwa, who left her husband when she realized that the person she's married to, is not a human. She can't accept the fact that although he's a beast, he's also a human, who got upset, angry, betrayed, rejected.

Park Chung Jo
Park Chung Jo

Park Chung Jo (Lee Yoo Bi)'s life will be turned upside down after her family's accused of a treason. She's sold as a state gisaeng. She insists that she won't become a gisaeng; but after realizing that she has to clear her father's name from treason and saves Hundred Year's Inn, she decides to become one of the best gisaeng in the country.

Park Tae Soo
Park Tae Soo

Park Tae Soo (Yoo Yeon Seok) is Park Moo Sol's son, he's serious, competent, idealist, upright man, the perfect person to become the next owner of Hundred Year Inn.

He's very close with Kang Chi; until one day he's hypnotized and believed that Kang Chi is the culprit behind his family's downfall. He turns into like a beast, who only lives to kill Kang Chi.

Thankfully, Kang Chi pure heart will break his hypnosis and as one of the Noble Master, he will assist Kang Chi in his journey to become human.

Jo Kwan Woong
Jo Kwan Woong

Jo Kwan Woong (Lee Sung Jae) is the mastermind behind every downfalls. He is slyly and cruel.. He doesn't care about anyone else, but himself. He's worse than any human-being because he doesn't have an ounce of compassion inside his heart.

He kills Kang Chi's parents and terrorizes Park Moo Sol's family as soon as he knows that Kang Chi lives with them. He has a bitter ambition to prevent Kang Chi becomes a human.


Love Hurts - Lee Sang Gon (Noel)

Spring Day - Baek Ji Young

Last Words - Lee Seung Gi

The Last Words - Lee Seung Gi

Best Wishes to You - The One

Awards and Other News

Mnet 20's Choice Awards 2013

20's Drama Star - Female: Bae Suzy

8th Seoul International Drama Awards

Outstanding Korean Actresss: Bae Suzy

6th Korea Drama Awards

Best OST: Only You - 4Men

2nd Daejeon Drama Festival - APAN Star Awards

Best Action: Gu Family Book

Best Rookie Actor: Choi Jin Hyuk

Best Rookie Actress: Lee Yoo Bi


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