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Guest Stars on the Muppet Show: Season One

Updated on June 26, 2015

It's The Muppet Show with our Very Special Guest Start...

The first series of The Muppet show aired on September 18, 1976.

Thus the country got to celebrate its bicentennial and the dawning of a great family show.

I remember watching it as a kid. Going from Kermets supposed to be on Sesame Street. To why isn't Grover here to bring on Ganzo the Great. There is not enough of Ganzo.

At that younger age it was all about the Muppet's not the guest stars. As I got older it became more interesting to see what the guests were put thought. Till now I am doing the looking back and remembering what the guest hosts had done besides the Muppet show.

It is now fun to watch with my kids. As they say great family shows can be watched and enjoyed no mater how old you are.

Rita Moreno - September 18, 1976

Jim Nabors - September 25, 1976

Growing up Jim Nabors was Gomer Pyle who started out on the Andy Griffith show as the mechanic.

Gone With the Wind

Life on the farm

Sandy Duncan - October 2, 1976

Ruth Buzzi - October 9, 1976

Joel Gray - October 16, 1976

Paul Williams - October 23, 1976

Old Fashioned Love Song

Lena Horne - October 30, 1976

Peter Ustinov - November 6, 1976

Florence Henderson - November 13, 1976

Valerie Harper - November 20, 1976

Candice Bergen - November 27, 1976

Bruce Forsyth - December 4, 1976

Harvey Korman - December 11, 1976


Charles Aznavour - January 15, 1977

Ben Vareen - January 22, 1977

Vincent Price - January 29, 1977

Twiggy - February 5, 1977

Phyllis Diller - February 12, 1977

Ethel Merman and Richard Bradshaw - February 19, 1977

Connie Stevens and Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert - February 26, 1977

Avery Schreiber - April 16, 1977

Juliet Prowse - April 23, 1977

Kaye Ballard - May 7, 1977

Mummenschanz - May 21, 1977

Go Gonzo

Seaking your opinion

The Muppet Cast
The Muppet Cast

Even thought all the guests were great - which was your favorite?

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The Muppet Show on Amazon

The Muppet Show: Season 1
The Muppet Show: Season 1

So for all you out there that have enjoyed the videos here is your chance to watch them all. And in order. One thing I have noticed is that there are two different openings to the Muppet Show. I like the newer one better. Sorry season one. As a side note the first time I watched all these in order is when I got them from my local library. The same is true for the next two seasons. Granted those were inter library loans. But whats $.50 when you can enjoy so much? With that said I hope that you've enjoyed all the clips shared from this collection of season one.


If The Great Ganzo is willing to be shot from a cannon - Then please be willing to leave a comment

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