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Guitar Pedals

Updated on September 12, 2014

Guitar Pedals

I recently started learning to play guitar, and I love it. I always feel like I've achieved something when I learn a new song or technique, and it's quite a bit of fun trying to write music. You can do quite a bit with just a guitar and an amp but a whole new world is opened up when you start to use pedals. From changing the tone of your guitar too adding effects to your playing different pedals can really change the way you sound when you play.

This page will also have tools to help beginners out. I have links to different guitars that are cheap and good for beginners. And I also included links to different books and videos that should be very helpful for beginners.

Pedals and guitars

Weather you're a experienced, intermediate, or beginner player pedals can be essential for getting the sound you want out of your guitar. I If you're a beginner or haven't started playing yet I have some links below to help you out. If you're more experienced you'll want to skip the next section.

Guitars for Beginners

You can buy guitars that are perfect for beginners for under $100, here's a few deals I found that are pretty good

Guitar for dummies

Here's some books that might help you learn to play, or might improve your playing

Guitar Tutorials

While books and videos will never replace your guitar teacher they can help you out quite a bit here's some videos that demonstrate different techniques that are very important to playing guitar.

The first video is the first video in a series that I have found particularly helpful.

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Guitar pedals

Now that we got the stuff for beginners out of the way lets talk about the pedals. Below I have links to different pedals that I have either heard are very good or that I have used and liked quite a bit. If you have any questions about any of these pedals I will do my best to answer them but keep in mind that I'm not very familiar with chorus or delay pedals.

Distortion Pedals

Distortion pedals are very important if you're playing rock or metal, and some other types of music use them occasionally. Here's a few pedals that I found are very good.

If you're interested in what exactly a distortion pedal does here's a site that explains it

[DISCONTINUED] Line 6 Uber Metal
[DISCONTINUED] Line 6 Uber Metal

This is easily the best pedal I've found and right now it's really cheap because they have a new model out.


Delay and Echo Pedals

I'm not really a big fan of delay or echo pedals but they are a important part in some music. I haven't used any of these pedals but I've heard that they are really good.

Chorus Pedals

Chorus pedal's repeat the input signal it very close intervals to make the output sound like it is multiple guitars. This gives you're guitar a layered sound

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