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Guys With Kids Review

Updated on September 26, 2012

Every wondered what guys really do when they are looking after the kids? Well look no further than the new comedy Guys With Kids on NBC.

This funny look at male parenting is surprisingly funny.

Parenting roles have changed drastically over the last few decades and this show clearly highlights just how big the changes have been.

If you want to see some funny dads doing the best they can to raise healthy babies, while still trying to keep their partners happy, then Guys With Kids could be a good choice for you.

At the very least you, or your partner, may get some really helpful tips on how to get through those early baby years and to laugh at the situation from time to time.

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Guys With Kids Comedy

Guys With Kids will air on NBC from September 26th, 2012.

The tv show is about 3 dads trying to get through fatherhood as best as they can. They don't let having kids stop them from doing what they want to do. And instead of meeting at the park like most mother and baby groups do, these dads are often found watching their favorites sports in the local bar, with their babies.

They get fathering advice from each other and share the important things in their lives. They talk about their relationships and their loved ones. Mostly they talk about thier babies, but it's done in a really funny way.

The show takes conventional opinions on raising kids and twists it a little to give us a modern portrayal of fatherhood.

Each of the dads portrays a certain segment of fathers.

Chris is a single father trying to raise his son without his partner. He asks the other dads in the group advice on how to raise his child. They give their input into his life and how he should deal with his ex-wife.

Chris does his best to deal with his ex-wife but she's really controlling and nothing he does is ever good enough; which probably explains why they are divorced. Chris tries to diffuse the situation with sarcasm and humor.

Chris also uses his baby as a girl magnet. Girls seem to be attracted to cute dads. Who woulda known?

Nick is a working dad. He has 2 kids and helps raise them with his wife. He's tired from work, but still has to find the energy to play with the kids.

Although Nick seems happy with this situation his wife is suffering from being with the kids all day. She would love for them do to something together just the 2 of them. Nick misses the point completely.

This leaves us with the last segment - Dads that stay at home to look after the kids while their wives works full time to support the household.

Gary has 4 kids and hasn't had sex in a long time. He feels like Nick's wife and can totally understand wht it's like constantly being left with the kids. In fact, he's been staying at home for so long he feels like his kids are lowering his IQ.

Guys With Kids Cast and Characters

Jesse Bradford plays Chris, a single dad that has to deal with his ex-wife trying to rule his life and the way he raises their kid.

Sara Rue plays Chris's ex-wife, Sheila, in the pilot. She is then replaced by Erinn Hayes.

Zach Cregger plays working dad Nick. He's trying to juggle work, kids and a wife. By the end of the day he's ready to fall asleep but his kids wanna play. He's the male equivalent of Marny.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler plays Emily - wife of Nick. She's a stay at home mum and would give anything to have some time with anyone without any kids around. She's the female equivalent of Gary.

Anthony Andersons plays Gary. He's a funny stay at home dad of 4. He does his best to raise his kids, but has resigned himself to being in this position for at least a few more years. He's in the same shoes as Emily.

Tempestt Bledsoe plays Marny - Gary's wife. She's the female equivalent of Nick. She works to feed the family and helps with the kids after work.

Reasons to Watch Guys With Kids

Who's Your Favorite Baby Daddy?

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You don't have to have kids to like Guys With Kids. A number of the situations you'll see in the show you will still be familiar with.

However, if you have kids or are close with someone who has kids, then you'll probably get to laugh at some of the situations that drive you or your friend up the wall.

It's an adult comedy showing real life situations and making fun of them.

Having a baby can be the most stressful time of our lives. Watch these families and how they deal with.

If you haven't had kids yet, maybe this will make you realize how you could do it too. Or it could make you wish to continue on the path of never having kids at all.

Also, you might want to choose which scenario you'd want to have kids in - single parent, working parent or stay at home parent.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I saw this advertised and was wondering if I would enjoy seeing it. After your share here, I think it is one that will prove a fun watch.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Good review. I am amazed today how many new TV shows keep making their way. Some make it and some don't...doesn't always seem to matter how well known the characters are. This sounds cute and fits in today's landscape. Good Hub..Voted UP.