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Gypsy Music, (Roma Music) - World Music

Updated on September 21, 2014

What Is Gypsy Music

Romani music, which is better known as gypsy music, is one of the most interesting and beautiful traditional music. Romani are renown for their musical talent, and Eastern Europe is the most rich in gypsy music tradition, but Western Europe has also a strong Gipsy music tradition.

Original Gypsy Music

The musical spectrum of the gypsy music extends from the ancestral Romani music, which is unique and very sensitive, to adaptations of various musical styles and ethnical music. Gypsies are extremely talented musicians, passionate, and they produced many artists. It is very common to see Romani musicians interpreting classical music, or jazz.

Romani, (or Rromani as some prefer to spell the word), are nomad people, that traveled from India and settled in Europe. They kept their traditional music almost untouched as they traveled. This music, although very beautiful and emotional, is not very known, maybe because Romani choose so.

The Eastern Europe traditional music is heavily influenced by Romani music. Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, and Russia. The Gypsy music motives can be found in the compositions of many classical composers such as Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt, George Enescu.

Urs Karpatz - Traditional Gypsy Music

Urs Karpatz is a gypsy Eastern European musical ensemble. The group is formed of musicians from countries of the Eastern Europe, and it plays a very specific gypsy music that evokes the roots of the Romani people. Their repertoire is atypical, but in my opinion it is the quintessence of the Gypsy soul and history.

Urs Karpatz means the bears of Carpathians, and it evokes the old gypsy trade of "showing the bear".

I incite you to try this album and you will never regret, even if you are not a music enthusiast. It is a beautiful journey that will bring you closer to the meaning of the word Gypsy.

Les voix tziganes d'Urs Karpatz (Leurs plus beaux chants traditionnels)
Les voix tziganes d'Urs Karpatz (Leurs plus beaux chants traditionnels)

This is probably one of the best traditional Gypsy albums, which evokes best the gypsies ancestry.You will love this album.


Urs Karpatz Gypsy Music Video - Gypsy Music at its Best

Romanian Gypsy Band
Romanian Gypsy Band

Romanian Gypsy Music

The Romanian Roms, have a distinguishable gypsy music style, which bears the imprint of the Romanian folk music, Turkish folk music, and in some parts of the country Hungarian folk music. The most famous gypsy music style is lautareasca music. "Lautareasca music" is a style which is mostly sang in restaurants, at weddings, and other events, and it covers a wide range of the emotional musical spectrum, from very sad and declamatory to joyful and dance music.

Modern Romanian gipsy music is very popular in Romania, you will hear it everywhere in the bigger cities, and it is the subject of great controversy. The most famous genre of of the modern Romanian gipsy music is "manea", which has strong musical influences from the Ottoman culture. The "manele" are rithmic songs with strong Oriental influences, not only Turkish, but Arabic too.

One of the most famous manele interpret is Florin Salam. Florin Salam has released an album in collaboration with the famous Goran Bregovic.

Goran Bregovic Featuring Florin Salam - Hopa Tupa

Hungarian Gypsy Music

Hungarian Gypsy Music
Hungarian Gypsy Music

Flamenco - Spanish Gipsy Music

Flamenco is a genre of folk music mostly sung by the Spanish gipsies, the gitanos. Flamenco is probably the folk music the most popularized, and most known in in the world. There are many flamenco academies in the world, with Japan being the leader.

Flamenco is interpreted with guitars,voice, and handclaps. The rhythmic clapping adds a special dimension to the guitar, and voices. The voice interpretation is similar somewhat to older traditional gipsy folk music, in the sense that the vocal interpretation is very low, and guttural, and this gives the piece deep emotional dimensions.

Flamenco - Spanish Gipsy Music Video

Goran Bregovic and Gipsy Music

Goran Bregovic is a musician born in the older Yugoslav space, who promotes gipsies folk music. Goran Bregovic is an advocate for Roma people, he promoted not only their music, but he is also their ambassador, and helps them get access to education.

Goran Bregovic's music is inspired by all Roma people in the Eastern European space, and he is most famous for the music in Emir Kusturica's films Arizona Dream, and Underground.

Although his music repertoire is inspired by all Eastern European gipsy music, the ex-Yugoslavia Roma music is most prevalent in his songs.

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