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Hagio Moto ~ 70s Shoujo Manga Artist

Updated on August 26, 2011

Hagio Moto is one of the most influential shoujo manga artists ever!

Hagio Moto (1949-) is a Japanese manga artist credited with being hugely influential on modern shoujo and josei manga, particularly shounen-ai. Her body of work spans over 3 decades and is still well-loved today.

Famous works from Hagio Moto include They Were 11, a sci-fi drama that was made into an anime film in 1986, and Heart of Thomas, a tender, heartbreaking school life shounen-ai tale.

About Hagio Moto

Name: Hagio Moto

Birthday: May 12, 1949

First Published: 1969

Hagio Moto is one of the manga artists credited with pioneering the shoujo manga (girl's manga), josei manga (manga for ladies) and shounen-ai (boy's love, stories involving romantic relationships between males). Her art style is finely detailed and even her early works show a deep maturity. Many of her works involve sci-fi settings, coupled with themes such as boy's romance, death, loss, and gender identity.

Check out this English language interview with Hagio Moto to learn more! Interview with Hagio Moto at

Read on to learn about some of Hagio Moto's most popular works!

Poe no Ichizoku - 1972-1976

Poe no Ichizoku (The Poe Family) is the story of a family of vampires in 18th Century London. The main characters, Edgar and Allan, as well as other characters in the manga are named after Edgar Allan Poe.

The story focuses on Edgar Portsnell and his little sister Marybell. After moving towns to escape suspicion, Edgar meets Allan Twilight, a boy his age, and becomes fascinated by him.

Read Poe no Ichizoku at MangaFox

Thomas no Shinzou - 1973-1975

Thomas no Shinzou (Heart of Thomas) opens with the suicide of young Thomas Werner, a student at an all-boys boarding school. Before his death, Thomas sent a cryptic letter to Juli, the boy he was said to have loved. Juli becomes tormented by memories of Thomas, and struggles to deal with his death. Situations become more complex when a new boy who looks exactly like Thomas arrives at the school.

Read Thomas no Shinzou at MangaFox

Juuichinin Iru! (They Were 11) - 1975-1976

Juuichinin Iru! (They were 11) is an epic sci-fi tale of a group of 10 students enrolled in a test on a space ship. The rules of the test are strict, and their futures depend on passing, but they quickly realize that there are 11 students instead of the mandated 10. Chaos ensues as the group tries to figure out who is the stowaway.

They were 11 was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1976. It is Hagio Moto's most famous work overseas; many Americans were exposed to it when the Sci-Fi Channel (what is now called Sy-Fy) played the film as part of their anime programming.

Watch the They Were 11 Anime

The complete film, They Were 11. In Japanese with English subtitles. This is one of my favorite anime films of all time!

Buy They Were 11 on DVD!

They Were Eleven
They Were Eleven

Watch the original classic whenever you like! This DVD contains the original Japanese audio with English subtitles as well as an English dubbed track.


A A' - 1981

A, A' (pronounced "A, A prime") is a collection of 3 short sci-fi stories: A, A', 4/4, and X+Y. The stories are separate, but they are held together by a common thread: The Unicorns, a race of almost-humans with a stripe of red hair who were created to feel no emotions.

A, A' Manga Compilation [English]

A, A¹ (A, A Prime)
A, A¹ (A, A Prime)

A, A' was released by Viz in English in 1997. Now out of print, you can still purchase this amazing work at Amazon.


Marginal - 1985

Marginal is the story of a male-only society where there is only one woman - a mysterious "Holy Mother" who gives birth to children who are then distributed among the villages and tribes. As Mother's child production slows, the villages begin to panic. The panic only worsens when Mother is assassinated, meanwhile strange things are appearing all over the country...

Read Marginal at MangaFox

Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru - 1993-2001

Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru (A Cruel God Reigns) is the story of a 16 year old boy named Jeremy who is molested and abused by his stepfather. Unable to say anything for fear of upsetting his mother, he plots to kill his stepfather. Things don't go exactly as planned, and Jeremy runs away, only to find more difficulties.

A Cruel God Reigns was awarded the Osamu Tezuka Culture Award Excellence prize in 1997.

Read Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru at MangaFox

Hagio Moto's Manga Poll

Which of Hagio Moto's works is your favorite?

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Short Stories

Various years

Hagio Moto also published several one-shot short stories. The compilation A Drunken Dream was released in an English translation.

Read Slow Down at MangaFox

Read The Willow Tree at MangaFox

Read Yame e Iku at MangaFox

Thanks to Pink Panzer for most of these scanlations. They're really dedicated 70s shounen-ai fans!

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories [English]

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories
A Drunken Dream and Other Stories

A compilation of Hagio Moto's work, in English.


Four Shoujo Stories by Various Artists [English]

Four Shojo Stories
Four Shojo Stories

This shoujo manga complilation contains Hagio Moto's They Were 11. English language, out of print.


Find Hagio Moto's works at eBay!

Look for rare Japanese art books and other out of print media from Hagio Moto!

Feel free to leave a comment!

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    • profile image

      dark_waters 6 years ago

      Wow. Good lens. Thank you so much for all of the links.

      I had heard of "Heart of Thomas" but have never actually read it. "Poe no Ichizoku" sounds good as well.

    • cuteordeath profile image

      cuteordeath 6 years ago

      @VeggieGamer: Oh really? That is a bummer. You should get some of the volumes to help you learn Japanese! Slowly reading/translating Japanese manga really helped me improve my Japanese skills!

    • VeggieGamer profile image

      VeggieGamer 6 years ago

      Zankoku na Kami Ga Shihai Suru was really good, but unfortunately the scanlators cancelled it and now I can't read it! Maybe someday I'll know Japanese well enough to read it myself.