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Halloween Music And Songs For Kids

Updated on October 30, 2015

Kids Halloween Music And Songs

Halloween is a great time of year and like any other holiday you can find songs and music to help celebrate. Kids just love to sing along and it's extra fun when it's a Halloween song. Get your Halloween CDs and movies's time to practice your Halloween music and songs. Halloween will be here before you know it, so make sure you are ready with fun activities, songs and music to welcome in the holiday. You can find CDs with fun holiday songs like The Monster Mash, Ghostbusters Theme and Purple People Eater. Fun, catch, a touch of scary and that makes them the ideal musical choices for kids at Halloween time.

Scary And Fun Halloween Songs

Music For Halloween

You can lookover some of the CD playlists on this lens and find some good party music to play for your kids. Invite a couple of their friends over and host a Monster Mash! You can find all the tunes and sounds you need right here. Play Freeze Dance to some Halloween sound effects or Musical Coffins to some Fun Spooky Songs. It will be a frightfully fun party the kids remember for a long time to come.

It's easy to find just the right Halloween music and songs that kids will enjoy. Not too plain, not too scary, just spooky enough to still be funny. Look at some of the wonderful classic Halloween songs you will find. Look at some of the Halloween kids movies you have to see what songs are on them.

Halloween Playlist

Here are just a FEW of some of the songs and music you will find for Halloween. What kids won't love this selection? I know I do...I would be singing along right next to the kids!

  • Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead


    Little Shop Of Horrors

    Monster Mash

    Purple People Eater

    Scooby Doo Where Are You?

    Somebody's Watching Me

    The Addams Family


    Time Warp

    Who Let The Ghosts Out

    Creaking Doors


    Wolves and Howling Hounds

Start Off With Dem Bones - It's A Fun Skeleton Song For Halloween

You and the kids will get a kick out of this funny video. It has dancing skeletons and it's easy to learn. I'll bet your kids will be singing along by the end...and so will you!

Kids Halloween Music And Songs - Sounds Of The Halloween Season

It's the season to be cute, fun and spooky all at the same time. The air is cool, the leaves are changing colors, pumpkins are guessed it, it's Halloween. I found some great kids tunes that revolve around this fun time of year.

The Monster Mash - Listen To This Fun Kids Halloween Song

Here's a popular song performed by Bobby "Boris" Pickett that will have everyone laughing, dancing and having some monster fun. The LEGO blocks take this fun video to GREAT!

Jump In The Line - Shake Senora

You will remember this fun song from the movie BeetleJuice. Dance with Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton, Annie McEnroe and Winona other assorted spirits...what a great kids Halloween song and the music is so catchy!

What Is Your Favorite Kids Halloween Song?

These Halloween songs are so much fun, I've been singing along the whole time I've been writing. I hope you are too...

What Is Your Favorite Kids Halloween Song

See results

Here's Where You Can Find Dem Bones - And Lots More Favorite Kid Songs

Here's a great collection of songs for kids. It includes the Halloween favorite, Dem Bones, along with other popular sing-a-long songs like The Wheels On The Bus, Over in the Meadow, and There was an Old Lady. There is only one Halloween song and no Halloween music other than Dem Bones, but young kids do enjoy this selection from Scholastic.

Halloween Night - Kids Halloween Songs And Music

Enjoy This fun Halloween song with your kids!

Here's Disney's Happy Haunting Halloween Party - Join Mickey And Friends With Halloween Songs And Music

You are in good company on Halloween when you sing-a-long with our friends from Disney! Play a game with your kids and see how many different Disney characters they recognize in this video!

Happy Halloween Songs From Disney - Disney's Happy Haunting

Everyone loves Disney and here's the Disney's Sing-Along Songs - Happy Haunting CD for you to play for your kids. More fun sing-a-long songs for your family. Have some Halloween sing-a-long fun!

How About Some Halloween Sounds? - Sound Effects For Kids On Halloween

Sound effects are like music on Halloween. Everyone wants to hear a scary noise, but not too scary! Here are some sound effects you might like to create a fun mood on Halloween. These would make fun backgrounds for your musical Halloween party games.

Kids Halloween Movies - Watch Some Fun Halloween Movies

You can find lots of songs and music for Halloween on these kids movies. These films are great for family movie night in October or to watch as a special treat after a busy day of costumes and trick or treat fun. Watch a fun movie and let everyone wind down from the days excitement on Halloween.

More Fun Halloween Movie Ideas - October Family Movie Night Favorites

Here are a few of my personal favorites for Halloween. These are fun movies for a family movie night or a fun movie party around Halloween.

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