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Hangin' Tough, New Kids On The Block

Updated on October 22, 2014

We all had to start somewhere. Even just looking at the cover of this album brings back so many memories- the style of clothes we wore, our hairstyles, our addiction to using too much hairspray and gel. This album was a hit at any middle school when it came out, it was the right stuff! However, these New Kids on The Block had to grow up and deal with all the bad jokes about their group.

This album was a huge success and in my opinion is one of the reason these Kids made it so big. Their music videos of several of the songs on this album had young girls everywhere Hangin' Tough on their every word. There have been over seventeen million copies sold of this album, making it the groups number one seller. Because of the success of this album they actually went on to create a video called New Kids on the Block: Hangin' Tough. The film was actually about their careers. With singles like "Please Don't Go Girl", "I'll Be loving You", "You Got It", and "Cover Girl", there was absolutely nothing that could stop these Kids from melting the hearts of teen girls everywhere.

This album will be a hit at any eighties party, high school reunion for Class of 1990-1998, or even better yet to play in the background at a karaoke party. If your grew up listening to these songs and haven't heard them in a while, just pop in this album, and it is literally like a time capsule. You will feel young again. You will remember your first crush. I can almost smell the Aqua Net.

Step By Step
Step By Step

Give the gift of a memory

Merry, Merry Christmas
Merry, Merry Christmas

Best Christmas Gift for your sister!

The Block [Deluxe Edition]
The Block [Deluxe Edition]

Never too old for these guys


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    • Laurahadges LM profile image

      Laurahadges LM 4 years ago

      Mmmmm.....the classics!