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HANK By Hank Marvin

Updated on June 8, 2014

The release of this album will gladden the hearts of all Hank Marvin fans. It is his first album since 2007 and fills a void. Unfortunately it has only one original track Summer Guitar, but this is quite an upbeat number with multi-tracked guitar. The other 13 tracks are covers of songs with a theme of Summer and mostly with a strong "sixties" pedigree.

All the tracks are previewed as this is an album which is covered by the Autorip feature and purchase of the CD comes complete with a downloadable MP3 copy.

The tracks on the album will be recognised by most lovers of good music.

1. A Taste of Honey

2. Sealed with a Kiss

3. California Girls

4. I Only Have Eyes for You

5. I Can See Clearly Now

6. Summertime Blues

7. You Are the Sunshine of My Life

8. Summertime

9. Good Day Sunshine

10. Message in a Bottle

11. Summer Guitar

12. Summer Of '42

13. What a Day for a Daydream

14. Waterloo Sunset

The covers range from a 1934 song written by Dubin and Warren, I Only Have Eyes For You, to songs by Eddie Cochrane, The Lovin' Spoonful, The beatles, The Kinks and Sting. Hank is accompanied by his son Ben on guitar and hi's daughter, Tahlia, is featured on backing vocals.

I am sure that I do not have to emphasise the wonderful and original guitar sound of Hank Marvin. He never lets his fans down with covers of Classic songs llike this and again he shows his absolute professsionalism. His guitar technique is often run down because it makes the song and melody the most important part of the performance. No fancy tricks from Hank, just pure musical magic.

No need to say that I have put in my pre-order for this great album and am looking forward to hearing the full tracks over the next few days. (PS just an update to say I have received my copy through the post and it is as good as I expected. After just a few listens, I think that several of the songs will become claassics with Hank's fans.  He really makes a great job of covering those numbers and makes them his own.) I think my own favourite track has got to be Waterloo Sunset, but it is a close run choice.

By the way, if you require an introduction to Hank check out my article Hank Marvin, The Shadows And Beyond.

Hank has released 29 albums which are all available either on CD or as MP3 downloads, see his page on Amazon. He has been delighting his fans for over 50 years as lead guitarist with The Shadows, originally Sir Cliff Richard's backing group. The group went their own way and eventually had many hits all over the world (but sadly never really made it big in America). After the group went their own way in the music business, Hank had a successful career as a solo artist. He released many albums and staged many tours, often with former Shadows' members and his son, Ben.

Guitar Man
Guitar Man

Another wonderful collection of great, modern covers by this amazing lyrical guitarist

Best of
Best of

Three of Hanks most popular CD albums released under one cover. What more could you ask for

Guitar Player
Guitar Player

A very different album from Hank Marvin. He has always included acoustic sets in his stage shows. THis album features new and original recordings on the acoustic guitar


We are so lucky to be able to see/hear our favourite performers on sites like You tube these days. I have selected three very different numbers which I hope you will enjoy and which will give you a much better understanding of why I have been a fan of this wonderful and original guitar player for over 50 years

I have now also added a video version of my favourite track from this great album, Waterloo Sunset

This could be said to be the start of it all for The Shadows and Hank Marvin. They had found a "sound" which propelled them to stardom

Hank on an acoustic version of this great country song

And another slow number from The Shadows' first album. A wonderful guitar classic

I would love to hear from you, are you a fan of Hank Marvin (or The Shadows)? Are you as excited about this new album as I am?

Or maybe I have tickeld your fancy and you are wondering if you might have missed something?

Or maybe even to just say hello. you do need to be a member of Squidoo but it is completely free to join up - and no strings!


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