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Have You Ever Bought an Album for Just One Song?

Updated on April 2, 2022

I only wanted one song on each album. But look at the other music that I've been able to add to my collection.

Its amazing how many times I pick up a CD just because there was one song that I am looking for. Its funny how so ofter this has happens to me. And how many times I hear others say the same thing. With the advent of the MP3 download this does not happen as much anymore. But I am still one that likes to take the rapper off the package. That new package smell. No scratches. But I digress. What I am saying here is that I will ofter times pick up a music CD just for one song. And will find that there are other songs that appeal to me. Some songs that are not popular on the radio will get added to my top 10 list. I will now share a few of these with you. I hope that you enjoy them and have the possibility of adding new songs to your list of favorites.

Mark Schultz

He's My Son

This guy gets a lot of airtime with me. Especial this song. It is this song that got me to go out and buy all his other albums. OK there are two that are still on the to do list but the wife knows that they are there. He does several songs based on family and that I feel is what has drawn me to him. If you doubt this check out my other site that features him.

Music from Mark Schultz on Amazon

Live: A Night of Stories & Songs
Live: A Night of Stories & Songs
This is the first album that I tracked down. Granted the cost I paid back then what much more than the cost these days.


Lord I Lift Your Name on High

This one started at church. We would sing it during the worship service. I then had the words on my wall for several years. Finally I heard it on the radio and found out that there was a musical group that sang the song. I then started to try and track the song down on CD. I looked and looked but could not find it. After a time of searching I found it on Amazon but it was not just one CD it was in a packet of two with a total of 26 songs. I wanted one song and got 26. Turns out there were several others that were by the same group that I liked but did not know it until I listened to the music. There were so many songs that I enjoy from that two CD set. Here is a small report of how one song helped another.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord - I printed out the lyrics to this one for a christian co-worker who was feeling down. Just like the enemy was against them on the job. It was amazing how their attitude changed when they had these words to look at. Here are a couple of lines from that song.

"When the enemy pushes in hard do not fear.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord."

Petra - Lord I Lift Your Name on High

Music from Petra on Amazon

Praise Collection
Praise Collection
This one is a two disk set.


You Raise Me Up

Just like Petra there was only one song that I wanted and it was a two disk set that I had to buy to get that song. Did that stop me? No! I also found out recently that others have done this song. I have tracked a few down but Selah is still my favorite version. Also the other albums listed below I also own. Gee its amazing when you find just one song where it will lead.

Selah - You Raise Me Up

Music from Selah on Amazon

Steven Curtis Chapman

This Moment - Cinderella Edition

With one daughter the song Cinderella has struck home. Its amazing what you think growing up. Why are my parents so protective over my sisters? Is the one that comes to mind. Bam I'm a dad and my first child is a daughter. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

Another song that comes to mind along this same path is "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle. I don't have this song, yet, but it is on my to do list.

Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella

This video is longer than the song.

The reason for this is that Steven Curtis Chapman is talking at the end.

In my opinion it is worth the extra time.

Music from Steven Curtis Chapman on Amazon

Don Moan

God Is Good All The Time

You should see one of the worship leaders at our church. When this songs played he could not help but start dancing. At no time did he loose the guitar that he was playing or miss a note. It was that one song that led me to this album and all the other songs that are worth listening to. Not to mention the one I picked up also had a DVD with it. That was a nice surprise.

Don Moen - God is Good


Darrell Evans

Let the River Flow

Here we go with another song that I heard at a friends house. They loaned me the CD and I immediately started saving for it. My wife gave me a ten spot to help go towards it as a birthday present. Shortly there after I was able to return the CD to my friend and open the new CD that had arrived in the mail.

Darrell Evans - Let the River Flow



The Champion

Its funny how things come back into your mind. I was talking with a friend and concerts came up. I listed off some that I had seen and Carman came up. Which led to the one song that was on this album and the reason I got it. I was also able to tell him about the concert which was for Coming on Strong thus the reason both albums are listed below.

Carman - The Champion

Music by Carman available on Amazon

Lazarus Come Forth

Time Warp

Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

This CD was purchased for the main theme from - Battlestar Galactica. This is track # 5. There were a couple of reasons for this. One it sounds great when you turn up the volume. Especially those first few notes. Its fun to see folks jump when it starts. Second my brother-in-law had this before me. He also liked to play it loud. In fact he blew out a few speakers the first time he played it.

Battlestar Galactica Theme


The Muppet Movie

The original move that is

First I have this soundtrack on 8-Track. The player no longer works though. Good news I found it on Amazon. There are several songs I missed listening to but my favorite is the one done by Gonzo. The video's shared below. I know that the Muppet's have had several movies but the first one is still my favorite. Most likely the reason I have the soundtrack in more than one format.

Update: When I say more than one format it's because Amazon had it available on their $5 MP3 site.

I'm Going to Go Back there Someday - Gonzo

Music From the Library

These were from the used section.

Here are a few that have been found. The only thing about them was I had either heard the artist names or recognized that it was christian music by the song titles. In the better news if I were to have just downloaded one song it would have been $.99 per song. But buying used the cost for each CD was $.50 each. Nice!

1) Tree63 - The Answer To The Question

I did not recognize this group but the titles of one song rang a bell. This song is "Blessed Be Your Name" Track #2.

Tree63 Blessed Be Your Name

2) Jonny Diaz - More Beautiful You

This artist I did recognize from the radio. At the title of the album was the same song that I got the CD for. On the CD this song is Track #1.

Jonny Diaz - More Beautiful You

3) Avalon - The Creed

I had gotten a free song from this group once before. So when I saw a whole CD of there music for such a great price it was in my hands. I had gotten a free song from this group once before. So when I saw a whole CD of there music for such a great price it was in my hands.

4) Dove Hits 2003

18 songs for $.50. There was one song by Mark Schultz titled "Back In His Arms Again". This is Track # 13. For those of you who know me and this artist you will understand why this was an easy sale. You could say the rest are icing on the cake.

Mark Schutz - Back in His Arms Again

5) Steven Curtis Chapman - Greatest Hits

I found this one back in 2013. I did not even look at the songs until I got home and started playing them.Hay its best to never stop looking. And I admit it was not just one song this time but still I have one favorite now.

6) Gheorghe Zamfir Volume # 2

November 22, 2014

As I said its best not to stop looking. And as you can tell I have not stopped looking. This one I spotted about three weeks ago but only had a quarter on me. The cost was $.50 So I waited. Then earlier this week I was walking in the doctors parking lot and there on the ground was a soggy dollar bill. So today I checked and it was still there. When I got home I popped it in and did dishes. I was thinking to myself as I listened no wonder this was donated all the songs are the same. Then I realized my son had placed the music on one song repeat. After fixing that the album of 15 songs got much more interesting.

7) The Very Best of The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody

April 8, 2015

This is the one song that I was thinking about this morning on my way to work. Remembering the different times my wife and I danced to this song. The one that stands out most in my mind is at a college gym being used for a public type garage sale. anyway as we were walking the song came on. We just started dancing. Not sure how the folks around us felt but that did not matter as at that moment it was all about us.

The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody

8) Pretty Woman

July 29, 2015

Well once again the library has restocked its music in the used section. And yes I found this one. The title song is the main reason I wanted this album. And sense I had a library fine for returning a move I just happened to have a little extra change on me.

Oh, Pretty Woman

9) Jim Croce : Bad Bad Leroy Brown : The Definitive Collection

August 1, 2015

This was an interesting one. At least from my point of view. We were doing a little clean up here at home. Books both hard cover and paper back. We are talking over 250 books. Anyways there were three boxes of movies and music. It was hard not to look through them. I was good and waited and checked the used book section over the next few days and the music section grew and grew. I finally let myself look. I found several I wanted but restricted myself. This is two disks with 39 songs all for $.50. It wasn't the title but the first song that helped me decide.

Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around With Jim

10) Riverdance

I have seen this several times on PBS. Never in person. But once again I found something of interest at the library. As soon as I got out to my car it went into the CD player and did not come out again until it was listened to completely. Granted it took more than one trip out and back but that didn't stop me. My son listened and was not exactly sure what it was. My daughter on the other hand knew the music right away. In fact she may be removing it from my collection and adding it to hers. I think that this has happened more than once with my music. As I said I have seen this show many times. And as I listen to the music the visuals from the show were coming back into my head. The memories were there.

# 11) Rod McKuen Collection 1956 - 1994

Once again I stopped by on my way home and there was a set of five (5) disks in a box. I looked through each one and only found one song that I recognized. (The video is below.) The interesting thing this version is a bit different then the one I remember hearing as a kid. Two of the three verses were the same but the middle one was a bit different. Also the style was different for the presentation. After listening to the disks the singer came up in conversation so they were loaned to a coworker for a while. It's interesting how music is a great way to keep conversations going.

Rod McKuen - Seasons In The Sun


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