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he-man characters

Updated on June 27, 2012

He Man Characters

When anyone asks who is the most powerful man in the universe, you can just say He-man. That was his catchphrase from the 80's classic TV cartoon on Saturday morning.

He Man was the alter ego of prince Adam, when he held the sword of grayskull into the air, he transformed himself, and his cowardly cat cringer, into He-man and Battlecat.


Orko is the strange flying magician thing. He is the funny side kick of He man and Prince adam. 

Man At Arms

Man At Arms is a friend of He man, and creates lots of new technology and repairs. 


Skeletor is the bad guy of he man, he has a demonic yellow skull face, and is a master of devious plans. He has a few other badguys to help him in his evil ways to take over the castle of grayskull. 


Orko was the court jester of the cartoon

He man and battlecat the best toys from the 80's

Teela is man at arms daughter, and a bit of a fiery girl. Some say she could be she-ra ?

Even He man has a girl friend and its she-ra

Ram Man is a character who is known for a spring in his step, and a helmet on his head
Ram Man is a character who is known for a spring in his step, and a helmet on his head

By the Powers of greyskull


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