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He-Man Christmas Cartoon

Updated on December 3, 2012

He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

Merry Christmas He-Man and She-Ra fans! Here you'll find information on the classic holiday cartoon He-Man and She-Ra A Christmas Special, a He-Man Christmas, a She-Ra Christmas, and much more xmas fun with the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) characters celebrating Christmas on Eternia.

Join in the xmas cheer with Heman, Shera, Orko, Ram Man, Man at Arms, the evil Skeletor and the rest of the Masters of the Universe!

As He-Man would say, "By the power of Greyskull...I have the POWER!"

He-Man Christmas Wrapping Paper - He-Man 80s Christmas Wrapping Paper

1980s Masters of the Universe Christmas Wallpaper
1980s Masters of the Universe Christmas Wallpaper

The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

Part 1

While Adam is helping Man-At-Arms finish up the new Sky Spy, a space shuttle intended to spy on Skeletor, everyone else is preparing for Adam's (He-Man) and Adora's (She-Ra) birthday. Curious, Orko begins tampering with the Sky Spy's controls and accidentally causes the ship to blast off into the sky with himself locked inside. The evil Skeletor happens to spot the aircraft and he hops in his airship, the Collector, in hot pursuit. Luckily for Orko, He-Man and She-Ra, show up to save the day.

While all this is occuring, Orko casts one of his unreliable spells to try to stop the Sky Spy. He inadvertantly causes the shuttle to disappear from Eternia and somehow crash lands somewhere on Earth. Orko encounters two lost children, Miguel and Alisha, who became lost while searching for a family Christmas tree. Orko invites the kids into the crashed Sky Spy where they explain the meaning of Christmas to him.

He-Man She-Ra Christmas Special DVD - He-Man She-Ra Christmas dvd, He-Man She-Ra Christmas blu-ray

He-Man Christmas Special
He-Man Christmas Special

The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

Part 2

Back on Eternia, everyone discovers that Orko the court jester is missing. Man-At-Arms deduces the coordinates for the Sky Spy's location, which Queen Marlena immediately recognizes as Earth. The transport beam needed to bring Orko back to Eternia is lacking a Carium Water Crystal, which does not exist on Eternia. Adora suggests that there might be one on Etheria, secretly transforms into her alter-ego She-Ra and mounts her steed Swift Wind.

On Etheria, She-Ra enlists the help of Mermista to obtain the crystal since it is guarded by a powerful creature known as the Beast Monster. She-Ra manages to capture the crystal but as she is leaving she is suddenly surrounded by a group of huge android menaces that trap She-Ra and Swift Wind in a giant plastic bubble. These robotic bad guys known as the Monstroids leave for their headquarters, and She-Ra and Swift Wind manage to escape.

Adora returns with the crystal and Man-at-Arms boots up the tractor beam. Orko and the Sky Spy are transported back to Eternia, with Miguel, Alisha and their Christmas tree in tow. After everyone exchanges explanations, the children are told that it may take a few days for the crystal to recharge before they can return to Earth. Obviously, the kids are upset that they might miss out on Christmas. Queen Marlena, sympathizing with the children (since she's originally from Earth herself), decides to transform Adam and Adora's birthday party instead into a Christmas celebration.

Meanwhile, Skeletor and Hordak are summoned Horde Prime, their evil overlord, who believes that the Christmas spirit being brought to Eternia by the kids is the only thing that could possibly pose a threat to his rise to power. Horde Prime orders them to go capture the two Earth children, offering up a handsome reward.

He-Man Action Figures - He-Man statue, He-Man bust, He-Man complete series, She-Ra complete series

Prince Adam as Santa Claus
Prince Adam as Santa Claus

The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

Part 3

The evil Hordak shows up and, using a tractor beam, captures Miguel, Alisha and Orko. Hordak and his lackeys don't make it very far when their ship is attacked by the Monstroids. In the midst of all this, the Manchines show up to rescue Orko and the kids. The Monstroids try to stop them from escaping. He-Man and She-Ra show up and, with a little help from the Manchines, a scuffle ensues. During the battle, Skeletor sneaks in and captures Miguel and Alisha, taking with them a Manchine puppy named Relay.

Hordak blasts Skeletor's Sky Scooter which causes him to crash in some nearby snow capped mountains. Skeletor must now bring his prisoners to Horde Prime on foot. During the journey, Skeletor finds a surprising urge to show kindness and he covers the shivering children with jackets. At one point he even protects the kids from an Eternian snowbeast. Right as Horde Prime arrives in his ship, He-Man and She-Ra show up. To complicate matters further, Hordak arrives at the same moment, knocking Skeletor out. Little Relay licks Skeletor's face which wakes him, and, experiencing a crisis of conscience, Skeletor shoots down Horde Prime's ship. Horde Prime attempts to retaliate but He-Man and She-Ra lift his ship and hurriedly toss it into space. The children thank Skeletor for saving them as a shocked He-Man stands by observing this scene. Skeletor is relieved to discover that he will only be overcome by Christmas spirit once every year.

Back at the royal castle, Adam, dressed in Santa Claus garb, presents the children with flying belts as Christmas presents. After their celebration is over, Man-At-Arms uses the transporter to send Miguel and Alisha back home where they are welcomed by their concerned parents.

Toward the end of the cartoon special, Prince Adam teaches us about an important moral of this tale. "Though we celebrate it and get presents, Christmas is about caring, sharing and goodwill and its spirit is within all of us," Adam explains.

He-Man and She-Ra A Christmas Special - He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Cartoon, She-Ra Christmas

Best Christmas Cartoons

He-Man She-Ra Christmas
He-Man She-Ra Christmas

Which is your favorite Christmas cartoon?

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He-Man Christmas on YouTube - Watch He-Man She-Ra Christmas online free

He-Man She-Ra Christmas Wallpapers - He-Man She-Ra Christmas pictures, He-Man Christmas pics, He-Man Christmas images

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Comments - Have you ever watched the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special? Are you a Masters of the Universe fan?

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    • Othercatt profile image


      6 years ago

      I spent my childhood worshiping He-Man but I've never seen the Christmas special.


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