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Head Voice Singing Warm Ups and Exercises, Read My View

Updated on September 13, 2014

Did You Know That Bryan Adams, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Many Others Have the Same Singing Teacher?

His name is Seth Riggs, and his method is called speech level singing.

My singing expierence spans about 30 years, and I've had singing lessons with many voice teachers doing much . Some of them were good enough, and some were not. But I did not have very good results, and I thought that my vocal range was very small. My high note was E above middle C.

But then, I got this book, Singing for the Stars by Seth Riggs, and I was shocked. I learned that each and every man is able to sing much higher.

I started to do head voice singing warm ups and exercises.

My First Experience with Head Voice and Seth's Singing Warmups

So, my highest note was E above middle C, and all my local voice teachers told me that was my range and that it was normal. Then, I found out about Seth’s book where I could read about head voice and that every man can normally sing up to high C and much higher. That was very inspiring for me.

So I got that book (and 2 CDs with singing warmups), and I started to do those exercises. And I started to get some results. But it was not very easy to practise from the book. Then, I searched on the net and found that it is too hard to get lessons with Seth because he is too famous and has too many students (some of them are very famous, too). But Seth has voice instructors who can teach you to sing properly.

And I‘ve had singing lessons with 2 of them (5th highest level voice instructors), Dean Kaelin and Jeffrey Skouson. I had about 12 lessons with them. I had great results, especially with Jeffrey Skouson. My range increased unexpectedly, and I started to use my head voice. When I sing exercises, I could sing E above high C.

Michael Jackson Voice Training With Seth Riggs via Phone

Is It Possible To Learn to Sing From A Book And CDs?

My personal thoughts and expierence are that it is very hard to get good results learning from a book and CDs. In my opinion, the best way is to have private lessons with one of Seth’s voice instructors or with him personally (if you are lucky ). But if you have no such opportunity, then you can try using a book and CDs.

IMPORTANT! In that case, you must follow all the instructions about your muscle’s relaxing very carefully. Otherwise, you can harm your voice!

But if you have lessons with voice teacher, it is good to read a book to know more about Seth Rigg’s speech level singing method before you meet the teacher.

Here is another good vocal coach Brett Manning and his "Singing Success".

I used to do some of his exercises, too. And I watched Bret's workshop ( about 2 hours length ) I must say, that he is really good, too. And his method is very similar to Seth's speech level singing method. Well, that's my experience with 2 best vocal teaching methods for my opinion.

What is Your Number 1 Struggle to Get More Results from Your Vocal Training?

singing warm ups
singing warm ups

What is Your Number 1 Struggle to Get More Results from Your Vocal Training?

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    • MVKilgore profile image

      M. Victor Kilgore 3 years ago

      My wife teaches voice and could probably still learn a thing or two...nice lens.

    • stephencuthbert profile image

      stephencuthbert 3 years ago


    • Kim Milai profile image

      Kim Milai 3 years ago

      Great information. I've always wondered about books like that.

    • profile image

      linda-nelsone-1 3 years ago

      Great information! I didn't know about Seth Riggs!