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heath 24h viet nam

Updated on April 7, 2016

Health: a petition to denounce the exorbitant price of anti-cancer drugs

The League against cancer launches a petition to denounce the exorbitant prices of anti-cancer drugs. Examples, Gleevec, for some forms of leukemia, costs 36 000 euro per year per patient, Yondelis, against Sarcoma, a rare tumor, worth EUR 50 000 per year, or even Keytruda, cancer of the skin, comes to EUR 100 000 per year.

Big price differences

Today, the League against cancer is mobilized to stop this surge in prices. The prohibitive price which could deprive some patients of access to care, is what worries oncologists, mobilized them also. "Any patient must be able to have access to treatment when their efficacy has been proven," says Henri Pujol, oncologist.

Prices all the more inexplicable that the same drugs sell much cheaper in other countries. Big price differences are in fact observed. According to laboratories, set a tariff, to also take into account the purchasing power of each country.


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