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Henry Padovani

Updated on October 30, 2015

Is There Anything Henry Padovani Not Done?

Henry Padovani is more then the original guitarist form The Police, he was the songwriter and rhythm guitarist to Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, backed Kim Wilde , formed his own band, "The Flying Padovanis", was Vice President of IRS Records, manager to Italy's Zucchero, movie soundtrack writer, ...... wait there's more.. autobiographer, TV star, record producer, and movie star. What's that movie about? His life... Of Corse.

The Police

The Police was born on January 12 1977. Henry Padovani, Sting, and Stewart Copeland rehearsed for the very first time in Stewart's apartment. The trio went on to record "Fall Out" and "Nothing Achieving". Andy joined in May, and perform very briefly was a quartet. In August, Henry was asked to leave. The Police was moving in a different direction, and felt that Henry didn't fit into their vision.

That's it, that's how long Henry was in The Police 8 months.

Message in a Box

Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings [4 CD Box Set]
Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings [4 CD Box Set]

Covers all the Police songs recorded singles and there B sides up to 1986. The first three songs Henry is on "Fall Out" "Nothing Achieving" and "Dead End Job"


Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

From November 1977 to July 1979 Henry joined Wayne County and The Electric a more successful band then The Police at he time. Henry co-wrote some of the songs on the album Storm the Gates Of Heaven and most of the songs on Things Your Mother Never Told You.

The Electric Chairs - The Electric Chairs moved on from Wayne

Mystere Five's - Later the Electric Chairs changed their name to Mystere Five's

The Flying Padovanis - Flying Padovanis formed in 1980 and lasted till 1982

Kim Wilde - 1982

image is used to identify the organization I.R.S. Records, a subject of public interest
image is used to identify the organization I.R.S. Records, a subject of public interest

1984 - 2000

In 1984 Henry became the head of the international division of IRS Records, he became Vice President in 1990. Signing REM, The Bangles, The Alarm, The Fleshtones, Stan Ridway, and many others

1993 Henry, Miles Copeland and Daniel Grief create "The songwriters retreat" at Chateau De Marouatte A 10 day retreat were songwriters brainstormed in crating new songs. Some famous artist that have attended were: Brian Adams, Jeff Beck, Stewart Copeland, Cher and so much more

1994 to 2000 Henry manages Zucchero, known as the Italian voice to the world

Soundtrack To Ici Najac à Vous La Terre

2002 Henry writes the soundtrack to " Ici Najac a Vous La Terre" In 2006 at the Cannes festival Henry walks down the red carpet for the first time

à Croire Que C'Etait Pour La Vie (When You Believed It Was Forever ) - 2004-2005

Henry records his Album "(Croire Que C'Etait Pour La VieWhen You Believed It Was Forever )"

Many well known musicians collaborates with Henry, Steve Hunter ,Chris Musto, Glen Matlock, Serge Veneruso, Manu Katché, Yves Aouizeratte Sting and Stewart Copeland. It was Stewart Copeland, suggestion to Henry, to have Sting to play bass on the song "Welcome Home." The first three policemen together again!

Secret Police Man

2006 Henrys autobiography "Secret Police Man"(in French) is released. English in 2009 I loved the book. It takes you from his childhood to performing with The Police in 2007 at Parris for their reunion tour. You get a real sense of Henry as a man that values his friendships and the life after The Police

Secret Police Man
Secret Police Man

I was one of the first pople to receive this book. Autographed by Henry and inspired me to start his fan page and group on Facebook


2007-2009 The Flying Padovanis Reform

The Kings Of Instrumental Rock

The Police Reunion - September 28, 29 2007

Henry joins The Police on stage at Stade de France with " Next to You". Those lucky fans witnessed Police history

Rock'n'Roll... Of Corse - May 21 2010

"Rock'n Roll.... of Corse" was an official selection of the Cannes Film Festival (non competition) Henry's second time down the red carpet. In 2007 Lionel Guedj approaches Henry after reading his book and proposes to make a movie about his life

X Factor France - 2011

Henry is a judge for X factor France

"Cinéphiles de notre temps" - 2012

Produces eight song for the film "Cinéphiles de notre temps" with the young group "Marilou et les Garçons" A documanry about french fans and their relationship with film. Spanning from the years 1942 to 2012

Highlights Of What Henry Has Done For 2013 Hope Concert in Berlin a concert for the human rights of Iran

Henry was the first ambassador to the Guitar Festival in Russia A Great interview


Produces the Album by Peyote

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THE FLYING PADOVANIS - Bumble Bee Live @ la Rodia-Besançon-Fra


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