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Highest or Largest Attendance of Audience in World Music Tour Concerts

Updated on June 8, 2016

Cher Farewell Tour

Cher Farewell Tour
Cher Farewell Tour

Living Proof: The Farewell Tour - Chef

Living Proof: The Farewell Tour (simply called as the Farewell Tour), also known as Never Can Say Goodbye Farewell Tour, it is the 7th concert tour by American singer, Cher. It was her last tour where she went worldwide and performed at 350 shows. The tour also became her highest attendance concert tour and one of the world’s most successful musical tours ever, attracting more than 3,2 million spectators and a total gross of $250 million.

During her tour, the deadly Asian tsunami struck. Because of this, Cher decided to take all of the proceeds from her show and donate them to disaster relief.

Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour

Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour
Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour

Sticky & Sweet Tour - Madonna

The eighth worldwide concert tour of an American singer Madonna, the Sticky & Sweet Tour which began in August 2008 and ended in September 2009 is the singer’s highest attended tour ever. Her tour went all over the places of the world such as Denmark, Poland, Chile, Switzerland and other locations. The tour attract around 3,5 million people and brought in $408 million.

During the second leg, while constructing Madonna’s stage, two workers were killed when the roof of the stage collapsed. In this tour, Madonna also changed up her concert in order to commemorate the death of King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Bad World Tour

Michael Jackson Bad World Tour
Michael Jackson Bad World Tour

Bad World Tour - Michael Jackson

Known as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson attracted 4,400,000 attendees in his first world tour as a solo named ‘Bad World Tour’ and not long after that he broke his own record for attracting about 4,500,000 people from all over the world in his another tour named ‘HIStory World Tour’ in 1996. The HIStory Tour grossed at $165 million whereas the previous tour only $125 million.

Michael Jackson planned for another tour after his successful HIStory World Tour, it was schedule for 2009 named ‘This Is It’ but unfortunately it was cancelled because of his sudden death.

U2 Vertigo Tour

U2 Vertigo Tour
U2 Vertigo Tour

Vertigo Tour - U2

The Vertigo Tour is the U2’s most successful tour that went worldwide and draw 4,619,021 people – with 131 shows all over the world including Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Portugal (and plenty of other locations) and a total gross of 389 million dollars. In Vertigo Tour, not only did fans get to listen to U2 but they also got a chance to enjoy Snow Petrol, Interpol, Pearl Jam and plenty of other bands. Perhaps the most memorable part of the tour was the large LED curtain made with 189 strings of LED balls that covered the stage.

The U2’s 360° Tour (with 3,071,290 attendees and a total gross of $750 million) and PopMart Tour (with more than 3.9 million fans and a total gross of $171 million) are also one of the highest attended world tours.

Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour

Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour
Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour

Bigger Bang Tour - Rolling Stones

When looking at the number of attendees, the Bigger Bang Tour should be the most successful tour ever so far. A Bigger Bang Tour was a worldwide concert tour performed by the Rolling Stones and took place between August 2005 – August 2007. Funded by American Express, the tour was be able to attract more than 4.6 million people (with 147 shows). The Bigger Bang Tour also brought in around $558 million, making it the most successful music tour ever. This has been their last world tour to date.

Like many concerts of the Rolling Stones, there were plenty of other bands to enjoy including Motley Crue, Metallica, Nickleback, John Mayer and many more.


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      7 years ago

      Interesting hub. Enjoyed reading abouy Cher's generosity and Madonna's nice gesture. Glad you are enjoying hubpages. You will find many interesting writers.


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