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Hip Hop Blogs For Unsigned Artists

Updated on June 17, 2015

So I have been getting a lot of emails from up and coming rappers asking me which blogs are the best blogs that showcase or feature new hip hop artists.

Of course many have come and gone over the past few years, and there really is only a handful that is consistent in creating a platform for these independent rap artists.

For example my buddy Kevin Nottingham over at ran one of the most successful hip hop blogs on the net, with some of the best new hip hop content. It was one of the few sites that produced and featured good quality hip hop music.

Earlier this year Kevin decided to fold things and put a holt to his website's operations, stating that the hip hop culture has changed, and the way fans consume the music just isn't the same anymore. Not only that but let's keep it real, new artists are not being original anymore. The majority of artists out today sound the same.

The beats they rap on are very similar to each other, and the rhyming schemes are all the same. This steers away many music blogs from featuring artists. Anyhow that site as well as many others have come and gone, and as I said only a handful remain that can actually get up and coming rap artist major exposure through a feature on their blog.

How To Get Featured on A Rap Blog

Rap blogs for indie artist are one of the major ways that they can gain exposure to a wide audience. I have visited many blogs showcasing new rap artists, and within a few years see these artist blow up.

It doesn't happen to all of them; but a good amount of them. The key is consistency. Once you are featured on a blog, always make note of which blog featured your music, and send them new material when you release it. One feature on a music site will do nothing for your exposure. You have to stay in the eyes of fans in order for them to consider you a relevant artist. Do your best to get multiple features on a as many blogs as possible.

So the question you may ask is "how do I get featured on a rap blog?" The best thing to do would be to visit the list of blogs that I have provided for you below and try contacting them about how to go about submitting your music to the site. Some of these sites do have procedures to submitting your music and if you don't follow them then they will delete or ignore your submission. So try your best to follow the submission guidelines.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting featured

I know many of you have sent out your music to multiple rap blogs and have only received a feature on one or two of them. I want you not to get discouraged because of this. Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of artist who send in their music to these same sites and it takes a while to sift through this music.

In fact there are so many submissions to these blogs that a lot of the submissions are automatically deleted by the blog owners to free up their email inbox. But there are a few ways you can increase the potential of getting featured.

1. Never BCC your submissions. I know it is easier to BCC a mass amount of blogs at one time, but I've come to realize that a lot of them don't like when you do that. It seems very impersonal and that you're spamming them. This will result in your submission being deleted.

2. Create a good introduction. Start your music submission with a good introduction. Compliment the company on their site, their efforts in continuing to showcase new rap artists and the direction they choose to go with their content. People love compliments especially if it's coming from a sincere place. Be honest and let them know how your music can be an amazing addition to their site. Your intro doesn't have to be long, just show that you care by putting some effort into what you write.

3. Have all that is required for the submission. Believe it or not one of the top reasons blogs don't even bother to listen to some submissions is because the artist did not submit all the materials asked for by the blog owner. Artists need to know that these rap blogs, or should I say music blogs in general, are very specific when it comes to what materials they need from you in order to post it up on the site. Some take MP3's while other just want a link to where your music is hosted.

But no matter what, always have at least two high resolution pictures of you or mixtape cover, and a short description of your music. Your bio is not really needed as a part of the submission. Have your bio on your site and submit your site link; if people want to know more about you they will check it out.

4. Make sure your music is bumpin!!! The last key I can stress is to make sure your music is bumpin. Make sure it's recorded well and mixed down properly. Blog owners or their staff want to listen to good quality music that they know their audience will enjoy. Also dare to be different, as I said earlier every rapper that's out right now sounds the same; it's really sad. Rappers see one thing working for other artists and they hop all over it.

Uniqueness will get you into the door and keep you inside. There are a million rappers out there that sound the same, come with your own style, flow, swag, charisma and you will attract the ears of not only hip hop blogs, but millions of people around the world.

Here are the top rap blogs for up and coming artists. This is in no particular order. I would advise you to submit your music to all of them.

Hip Hop Push Media

Hip Hop Push. Hip Hop Push Media, LLC is at the forefront of promoting and marketing independent/unsigned rap artists and producers, and have been doing so for nearly 13 years now. The company boasts promotions for well known artists who started off independent and are now huge major label success. These artists include: Big K.R.I.T., Jon Connor, Joey Bad A$$ and Dizzy Wright. Artist can submit their music to be featured on the site, and also check out some of their promo packages by following the links below.


2DopeBoyz has been a go to site for many new artists over the years. The site is operated by Shake and Meka who got the site's name from Outcasts song "2 Dope Boys and a Cadillac". The site is a great platform for new artists to shine, but keep in mind they are very strict with who they put on their site. On their music submission page they state that the artist they post on their site are ones they think make quality music. You really have to have top notch music to be even considered on here.

Hot New Hip Hop

Hot new hip hop is a site that posts the latest songs from rap artists. Even though the majority of the site's content is geared toward showcasing new music from major artists, it does have a section called " Heatseekers" where they post music from up and coming artists.

Underground Hip Hop is a site strictly for those artists who make underground hip hop. I'm talking about unsigned artists who display sophisticated and lyrical content in their music. This site is not for you rappers who love to talk about having sex with broke ugly women and how you're in the trap all day making money, and willing to shoot and kill everyone you meet. Nah. To even get on this site you have to have rap skills and your joints have to be on point! Real hip hop heads know what it is.

Hip Hop Early

This site is another great site to feature your music on. The way that this rap blog differs from the rest is that it only features rap MP3's, EP's or mixtapes are featured on it, where as the others are not exclusive to that content. So if you have a hot single you think is ready to be showcased, you can give this site a try.

The Word Is Bond

This website is a really good site for unsigned artists to get their shine on. i have referred many up and coming rap artists to the site, and the majority of them got on. Again, if you make good music and follow the submission guidelines you have a high chance of getting on.

Dope Hood

Posts a variety of music and videos from independent artists. Take a shot at submitting your music to them for a feature on their main page.


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