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Hiring a Tribute Band

Updated on June 9, 2014

About booking a tribute act for your event...

The most popular acts that you think of immediately when someone mentions the word tribute are the Beatles, Oasis and ABBA. Almost any entertainment agency that you visit will have a fab four tribute band along with the others mentioned previously and a plethora of other ensembles. Whichever direction you choose to take with your band always keep the tastes of your guests in mind and be sure to pick an act who will represent your event properly. Always try to find a good video clip of the band performing live at an event. It's easy to sound good in a professional recording studio but it's all about the live sound that you will actually be getting.

Elvis Tribute Act
Elvis Tribute Act

What to remember

The main thing is that the band you are hiring looks and sounds like the act they are mimicking. There is nothing worse than arriving at an event to see a stale looking covers band taking to the stage with a dreary look on their solemn faces. Try to book an act that has received a lot of positive feedback from customers and has played at some venues or for some corporate clients that you have heard of. Big companies generally have an entertainment manager who books all their events and they often choose their musicians wisely. Try to listen to a live recording or watch a live gig video on Youtube so that you can what they actually sound like without the help of a fancy recording studio!

Beatles Tribute Band

Rod Stewart Tribute

The Bee Gees

Madness Tribute Act

Freddie Mercury Tribute

What next?

So, you've read our opinion on the matter and watched our selection of the best bands in the UK, but what comes next?


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    • lmm-uk profile image

      Last Minute Musicians 3 years ago from London, UK


    • dianamay5 profile image

      dianamay5 4 years ago

      Nice! I love a good tribute band at a party!