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Will Hiyori Sarugaki survive the brutal attack from Gin Ichimaru?

Updated on November 30, 2009

Hiyori Sarugaki

This is Hiyori Sarugaki, former lieutenant of the former captain of the 12th division, Kisuke Urahara, roughly a hundred years ago. She's currently one of the three female Vizards along with Lisa Yadomaru and Mashiro Kuna. She is also one of the very few female characters in the series who isn't interested in guys. She is a short girl with a rather tomboyish attitude. Her temper matches her physique - she easily gets agitated for unknown reasons. At first glance, it would seem that even with the most forgiving eyes, it would be very difficult to describe her as pretty, but for some reason some fans would think of her as sweet and beautiful. She can also be dangerous to her fellow shinigamis due to her unusual habit of kicking anyone to the face with tremendous force, as shown when she nearly crushed Shinji's exceptionally cute nose.

While Hiyori isn't in the list of the series' top 10 most popular characters, she is said to be unofficially a very popular character. Her bad attitude combined with her mysterious silence and impressions never cease to amaze her fans, thus keeping them very interested.

Will Hiyori be around to witness Aizen's defeat? Will Orihime make it to Fake Karakura Town in time to save her?

Fake Karakura Town All Out War

The intense battle with the trecherous Sosuke Aizen and his underlings that's currently taking place in the Fake Karakura Town is supposedly the final major battle the Gotei 13 have to face. It's one battle that the captains cannot afford to lose for if they fail, thousands of human lives will serve as fuel to the production of the Royal Key, the object that will ultimately lead to Aizen's success in overthrowing the Soul Society. Here, most captains have gone all out. Bankais are being revealed one by one, captains are being pushed to their limits, and the captain commander himself is being forced to step in to the fight. There's virtually no reason to hold back. The fate of the world depends on the Gotei 13's victory. Aizen's true physical might is also starting to show. The Vizards have also shown up to assist the captains. How will they even be able to help dispose of the insanely powerful freak?

Hiyori's Survival

The Soul Society's special forces were already worn out from their previous fights with the Arrancars to even fight thousands of Gillians that were spat out by the huge hollow accompanying Wonderweiss Margera. Though it seemed that they were all doomed, the very nostalgic faces the captains haven't seen for a century suddenly appeared out of nowhere to give the captains a hand. They've made an easy and short work with the Gillians, descimating them in minimal time. Afterwards, they all went to greet their former co-workers. It soon became clear that the Vizards arrived for one reason alone, which is to exact their revenge on the person responsible for them losing their positions as captains. Although the Vizards proved themselves to be quite strong, it was becoming obvious that Aizen along with his troops still have the upper hand. Two Vizards have already been defeated and Aizen isn't even warmed up yet. Hiyori, one of the two banged up Vizards, has suffered a much more horrifying and gruesome injury than the other. She was bifurcated by one of Aizen's right-hand men, Gin Ichimaru. The attack from Gin was so swift and unexpected that Hiyori was unaware the lower half of her body was already falling down. The top half of her body was caught by Shinji, who was shocked and anxious that Hiyori will expire in no time if not healed immediately. With Hachi's arm missing to perform the healing and Orihime still in Hueco Mundo, it seems that Hiyori will not make it. We are not sure yet what kind of miracle will come along to save Hiyori, and it is unlikely that Hiyori will die since she is one of the protagonists, and a protagonist rarely dies. In addition, fans will be sad and devastated so it is unlikely that Tite Kubo will end the series with Hiyori gone. If Hiyori actually dies, this will probably trigger Shinji's true power - he'll unleash his bankai with his hollow mask activated and come at either Aizen or Gin with everything he has.

We can't wait to see Shinji's bankai. Kensei has already shown his and there are still many others who haven't revealed theirs such as Yamamoto, Kyoraku, Aizen, Urahara, etc. I really hope that Hiyori survives because if she doesn't, I'm going to kill Tite Kubo.


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    • profile image

      chayna 6 years ago

      i hope hiyori survives, and i love momo.I hope Hitsugaya and himmnamori become a couple

    • profile image

      sofia 6 years ago

      i know ill be upset too and ill be soo happy when izen dies

    • profile image

      Naillia 8 years ago

      If she doesnt survive, I will be so upset. That and Soi Fon's arm, Hachi's arm, if Ukitake survived, and so on and so forth. AND WHERE IS NANAO DURING ALL OF THIS? I kinda hope Rangiku survives too... Though I don't care about Momo nearly as much.

      And yes, Senbonzakura looks like Byakuya. I love the zanpaku-to arc too... ALL FOR THE ANTI-GIN SOCIETY! He's such a bastard...

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      ohh yeh i am gonna kill Tite if she dies, i mean first it was hallibel now it is Hiyori?? I loved her bad Girl attitude and it did fit her. I really hate Gin's sneaky nature and how hiyori went down that easily. I hope oriheme makes herself useful by appearing on time and saving hiyori for i find oriheme useless :) I really love the zan. arc and i hope thing get clearer on whether Byakuya is really betraying soul society. :)Nice bleach blogs:)

      PS: Am i the only one that thinks senbonzakura's real face looks like byakuya's?