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Amazing Hobbit Wallpapers from "An Unexpected Journey"

Updated on November 15, 2014

Hobbit Wallpapers

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings remains one of the most popular fantasy stories ever written, and fans can't get enough of everything associated with the characters and setting it is placed in.

Consequently, that has resulted in numerous works of art that faithful followers grab up whenever they come across it, including Hobbit wallpapers, which are increasing in number as new and old fans alike demand more and more of them.

In this article we'll look at a gallery of wallpapers from the first installment of The Hobbit, "An Unexpected Journey."

Gandalf, who looks the same as always, and Bilbo will be big parts of this group of characters, with a stronger emphasis upon Dwarves; highlighted by Thorin Oakenshield who is a big part of this part of the story. These individuals, and the accompanying wallpapers, seem to have a slightly different feel to them than those connected to the Lord of the Rings, but they still retain the essence of what the story is and what drove it.

As with everything in this storyline, it's all about those who you wouldn't expect it from to become heroes of this particular world, and we'll get a look at a young Bilbo, as well as some interesting new characters.

Wallpaper of Bilbo and Dwarves Ready for Journey

One part of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings story we can always count on is there seems to always be either a start to the journey, or a continuation of that journey as circumstances and events change, and the party of adventurers must adapt to the changing circumstances.

In this first Hobbit wallpaper we see Bilbo and the group of dwarfs about to set up on the initial journey (at least as far as Bilbo is concerned).

The look on Bilbo's face and the experience of the dwarfs, which results in somewhat of a disinterested look as far as it being a continuation of their plans, is an interesting contrast here, with the highlight of course being the naïve but willing Bilbo looking excited and nervous at the same time.

Bilbo Ready for Journey


Bilbo Walking Out into Light from House

This is one of my personal favorite wallpapers from The Hobbit. Normally you might think the inside of the home would be light and the entrance out into the world represented by the dark. But this image changes that all around and has the light beckoning Bilbo to begin his journey.

Also very cool about this is the shadow of Bilbo lingering in the house as he fades into the outdoors as he leaves.

But even with the light outside, you can still see some dark clouds to the right above the mountains, suggesting whether he stays home or goes away, he'll have to face the dark and shadow either way. In the Lord of the Rings his fellow hobbits found out the same thing.

Bilbo Walking Out of Door


Wallpaper of Gandalf Walking on Trail Alone

There is something about Gandalf that leaves you always thinking that even though he may be a friend and amongst people and other races, he has something about him that few understand, and possibly outside of his order, few know what is deep inside of him, leaving him largely alone in the world in that regard.

Gandalf more than any of the wizards appears to be more involved with the events of Middle Earth than any other. He also appears to enjoy interacting with and befriending some of them as well.

This wallpaper of him walking alone on the pat with the beautiful background is a terrific one expressing these many possibilities.


Gandalf | Source

Character and Scenes from "An Unexpected Journey"

Wallpapers with various scenes from a film or story are always desirable to fans, and that's the case with this great look at Gandalf talking to the unusual character, as well as the Bilbo apparently climbing in a tree to hide or look to see what's going on. Probably both.

The misty behind Gandalf and the creature adds a wonderful sense of fantasy to the image, and the image of Bilbo in the tree is unsurprising as he feels his way through the adventure he is far from prepared for.

I wonder how he gets out of this pickle with the fire all around him and lapping at the trunk of the tree?

Different Scenes from "The Hobbit"

Hobbit Scenes
Hobbit Scenes | Source

Thorin Oakenshield Wallpaper from "The Hobbit"

This beloved character will be on the lips and in the thoughts of fantasy and Hobbit fans for years to come. He and the other dwarfs give a much better look into the race than they were represented in the Lord or the Rings, as other than in the council to decide the fate of the ring, and the inclusion of Gimli as one of those in the fellowship of the ring we really don't see any interaction with dwarfs in the first trilogy.

With Thorin and the others we see the characteristics of the race better revealed and many of the traits of the group revealed. Thorin is a major part of that unveiling.

Thorin Oakenshield


Wallpapers from "An Unexpected Journey"

These wallpapers from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, are a good snapshot into the landscape and characters of the story; which provide a fantastic group of images to celebrate and remember the amazing creations of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Having them on our computers or other screens is a terrific way to remind ourselves that we're on a journey in life, and that you never know when you wake up where life may take you and the surprises that may be in store for us.


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