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Hocus Pocus Movie

Updated on October 6, 2014

I Put A Spell On You...

Hocus Pocus is a fun Halloween movie for the whole family! It was released in 1993 by Disney and has been enchanting both children and adults ever since!

Hocus Pocus is one of my very favorite Halloween movies! I make a point to watch it every year in late October. I'm really looking forward to introducing this film to my kids when they're older.

Keep reading to learn more about the movie, the cast and more! Be sure to vote for your favorite Sanderson Sister!

"On All Hallow's Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin, will summon us from under the ground."

Movie Summary

Sanderson Sisters
Sanderson Sisters

The Hocus Pocus movie begins on October 31, 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. Three witches known as the Sanderson Sisters have kidnapped a young girl named Emily Binx. Her big brother, Thackery tries to rescue her but he is too late. The witches suck Emily's life force from her so that they may live forever. Then, to get revenge on Thackery they turn him into a black cat and curse him with a life of immortality in which he must live with the guilt of not being able to save his sister's life.

The witches are captured by the townspeople and hung. However, before their deaths Winifred casts a spell which states when a virgin lights the Black Flame Candle on Halloween night when there is a full moon they will return from the dead and devour the children of Salem.

Flash forward 300 years and we meet Max Dennison, an unhappy teen who has just moved to Salem with his family. Max doesn't believe in the spooky tales of the Sanderson Sisters and he hates Halloween. However, his parents force him to take his little sister Dani trick-or-treating so that they can go to a party. While Max and Dani are trick-or-treating they bump into Allison, a girl from Max's school that he has a crush on.

Allison reveals that her mother has a key to the Sanderson Sister's House which has been turned into a museum. Hoping to get more time with Allison, Max says that they should go check out the house. Dani is afraid but Max talks her into going by promising that next Halloween they can dress up as Peter Pan and Wendy - tights and all.

The Sanderson Sisters' House
The Sanderson Sisters' House | Source

The trio finds their way to the Sanderson House and although Dani is anxious to leave, Max decides to prove how brave he is by lighting the Black Flame Candle. Thackery Binx, in cat form tries to stop Max but Max lights the candle anyway.

The witches immediately return and are happy to find Dani, a young child waiting for them. As they prepare to eat Dani, Max jumps out and starts fighting them but the witches are too powerful for him. In a last ditch effort Max fools the witches with modern day technology - sprinklers and the 3 kids escape with the witches' spell book and Binx the cat.

The Sanderson Sisters set out on a desperate quest to retrieve the book. In order to stay alive they need a special potion that will allow them to essentially suck the life force from children. They only have until dawn to do this before they will "return to dust" and they need the book to complete the potion.

I'm not going to tell you how it ends! Watch the movie and enjoy it for yourself! I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Hocus Pocus DVD

Bring the enchantment home with the Hocus Pocus DVD! This is a great film to watch at Halloween or any time you're looking for some bewitching fun!

Winifred Sanderson
Winifred Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson

Played by Bette Midler

Winifred Sanderson is the oldest of the sisters and is their leader, probably because she seems to be the smartest. "Winnie" is the best at casting spells and making potions but is lost without her spell book. Winifred is incredibly bossy and often a bully to her sisters, striking out at them when they don't understand her instructions.

She has a heck of a singing voice which she demonstrates at the Halloween Party where everyone loves her performance. Although, this could be in part because she was casting a spell on the audience as she sang "I Put A Spell On You".Winnie is very self conscious and gets extremely upset when others call her ugly. She dreams that sucking the life from children will bring her beauty in addition to immortality.

Winifred Quote

"All Hallow's Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!"

Mary Sanderson
Mary Sanderson

Mary Sanderson

Kathy Najimy

Mary Sanderson is the middle sister. She is rather dim but very soft-hearted (for a witch who enjoys eating children). As the middle sister, Mary is often forgotten. She is the one who has to ride a vacuum cleaner when the brooms are stolen and she is in general overlooked by her big sister, Winifred who she seems to idolize. Mary always does her best to please Winifred and practically begs for praise like an abused dog. Mary has an amazing sense of smell which allows her to sniff out children. Mary enjoys eating but hates candy!

Mary Quote

It's the chocolate covered finger of a man named Clark!

Sarah Sanderson
Sarah Sanderson

Sarah Sanderson

Played by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah is the youngest Sanderson sister and the dumbest. She never seems to know what is going on and is often seen dancing in the background like she doesn't have a care in the world. Sarah is also the most attractive of the three witches and seems to be a bit of a floozy, she is seen flirting with or kissing at least three different men throughout the movie. Sarah's power is summoning and she is responsible for leading children to their doom.

Sarah's Song

"Come little children,

I'll take thee away;

Into a land of enchantment...

Come little children,

the time's come to play;

Here, in my garden of magic."

Sanderson Sisters
Sanderson Sisters

Your Favorite Witch

Which of the 3 Witches is your Favorite?

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Max Dennison
Max Dennison

Max Dennison

Played by Omri Katz

Max Dennison is a typical, frustrated teenager. He has just moved to Salem from Los Angeles and is not happy with the situation. He seems to have trouble making friends in the new town and even has his brand new sneakers stolen by a couple bullies. In addition, his crush Allison seems less than interested.

But, Max is a good kid at heart. Although he is responsible for lighting the Black Flame Candle and bringing the Sanderson Sisters back, he didn't do it on purpose. And although he acts unreasonably annoyed by his little sister, he would do anything to protect her.

Max Quote

"Let's light this sucker and meet the old broads"

Dani Dennison
Dani Dennison

Dani Dennison

Played by Thora Birch

Dani is a young girl who loves Halloween and her big brother. She is a very kind girl but she is also tough. She quickly falls in love with Binx the cat and is even friendly to the zombie, Billy. When some bullies pick on her and her brother she stands up for both of them. Like most younger siblings, she is very good at getting on her big brother's nerves and enjoys teasing him. She is also very smart for her age and uses sarcasm to make jokes.

Dani Quote

"It's a full moon tonight. That's when all the weirdos are out."

Thackery Binx
Thackery Binx

Thackary Binx

Played by Sean Murray & Jason Marsden*

Thackery Binx is a teenager who has been trapped in the body of a cat for 300 years, ever since the Sanderson sisters killed his sister Emily and transformed him.

Thackery (known as Binx when he is a cat) is full of guilt because he was not able to save his sister's life. He spends the 300 years protecting the Black Flame Candle so that no one may light it. Once the Sanderson sisters come back, Binx joins forces with Max, Dani and Allison to stop the witches. Binx quickly becomes attached to Dani because she reminds him of his own little sister.

*Sean Murray acted as a body double for Thackery. Jason Marsden was the voice of Thackery both in cat and human form.

Thackery Quote

"I had to wait three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle..."

Allison from Hocus Pocus
Allison from Hocus Pocus


Played by Vinessa Shaw

Allison is Max's love interest. She is a Salem native and knows a lot about the town's legends. She is particularly knowledgeable about the Sanderson Sisters since her mother is very involved in the Sanderson house museum. Allison is bright and funny and loves Halloween.

Allison Quote

"Well, it says to form a circle a salt to protect from zombies, witches, and old boyfriends."

More Information About Hocus Pocus

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      sarah sanderson love song come little children i well come over

      old sanderson house fall to sleep

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love this movie - I'm 50 years old, and still watch it lol. In the Fall, I put it on for background noise when I want to clean the house really good. It's a great movie :)

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Who Was The Oldest Out Of Max And Allison?

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      KReneeC 5 years ago

      I absolutely LOVED this movie when I was younger. I just had a blast from my past!

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      best fillm ever