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Sosuke Aizen's hollow transformation

Updated on November 30, 2009

Vizard Aizen

"I alone should stand at the top..."
"I alone should stand at the top..."

Can Aizen transform into a hollow?

We've known that the Vizards become exponentially more powerful when they don their hollow masks. The Vizards receive massive augmentations in their powers and speed through the process of Hollowfication.

Since the purpose of this process is to push one's power level beyond its limit, it's safe to assume that an ordinary shinigami becomes deceptively mighty upon hollowfying him/herself. Imagine what happens when someone whose powers are already surpassing anyone's dons a hollow mask? Interesting huh? Sosuke Aizen, the man responsible for the creation of Hollowfication and Shinigamification, as well as the main antagonist of the series, is believed to be the most powerful character in the series by Bleach fans, although it's never confirmed by Tite Kubo that he really is, he's definitely a powerful freak. What would happen if this guy transforms into a hollow?

As we've seen with other animes, the bad guy won't reveal his trump card til the good guy begins to outclass him. This is probably what Aizen will do. We've already seen how powerful Ichigo's second hollow-form is, as he was able to make quick short work of the bastard Ulquiorra with relative ease. This hollow transformation might be too powerful even for Aizen himself so he'll perhaps surprise everyone by showing that not just the Vizards have the ability to use hollow powers, but he too. Fans think that even without using hollow powers, Aizen's power already exceeds the Vizards'. There is a strong possibility that Aizen also performed the experiment on himself like he did with the vizards because it was his idea to conduct experiments on shinigamis and hollows in order to discover the source of ultimate power.

Knowing how brilliant Tite Kubo is, he'd certainly come up with this brilliant idea to surprise the fans. This is possibly one of the most interesting topics in Bleach today, since noone's imagined yet Aizen becoming a hollow.

While not openly stated, Aizen is considered to be one of the most popular characters in Bleach and though he didn't make it to being in the most recent top 10 most popular Bleach characters, fans can't deny that Aizen is a cool-looking guy.


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    • profile image

      all knowin 6 years ago

      aizens hollow form is all white

    • profile image

      Melanie 7 years ago

      youre such a great author. dont idolize Aizen. youre cuter than him. i wanna screw you.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon

      well aizen is for sure cuter as evil dude...I mean without the glasses and with the bad ass attitude he definitely is a cool-looking character. Also in the last manga he told the captains to bring it on..i bet he has a final card waiting although his arancar army was defeated. He even killed Hallibel by his own hand. She definitely doesn't fit his fighting standards. What if Aizen reached a level in developing power beyond The vizard/arancar, what would happen? Awesome series and i am a huge fan. Still hitsugaya is my favorite. And between all the fillers i love the zanpaktou arc !!!