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The Horror Movie Quiz To End All Horror Movie Quizzes

Updated on November 2, 2021
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I have many interests and an inability to make up my mind about which one to focus on. That's how I came up with my name: ControlledChaos1.

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Test Your Horror Movie Knowledge

Horror movie quizzes and trivia are a great way to get a bit smarter about the horror genre. I encourage all horror fans to take these kinds of quizzes, even if they end up knowing a lot less than they thought they would. The quiz below was made to humble all fans of scary movies. I made it so difficult in places that some people will quit. Finally, I made it to make people smarter about scary movies.

Are you prepared to try and answer some really hard horror movie questions? Just how smart are you when it comes to horror films... really? If you consider yourself a really big fan of horror and you're willing to subject yourself to the quizzes and trivia below to find out how much you really know, then you'll likely come through the fire even smarter about your favorite genre than ever before.

I've found that most casual fans of horror know quite a lot about the movies they like, but know a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff about the horror flicks they love... the ones they call their favorites. A really good horror movie is a safe way to feel emotions that would otherwise put you in harm's way in real life, so why wouldn't you want to know every little detail about it? Perfectly natural, right? How much do you really know about horror films? See this article through to the end and find out.

Horror Sounds of the Night To Listen To While You Take the Hard Quizzes Below

Your Real Horror Movie Score

Five quizzes covering the horror genre await you below. After taking each quiz, write down your score on a piece of paper. When you've completed the last one, add up all your scores, then divide by five. The number you get will be your final score.


When finished you can share it with everyone else by filling out the poll at the end of the article.

Horror Movie Quiz (Difficulty Level: Modest)

view quiz statistics

Horror Movies So Bad They're Good

Which of these bad movies do you love the most?

See results

Another Tough Horror Movie Quiz

view quiz statistics

Movies Within a Movie

Which horror movie anthology do you like best (hint... they're all good)?

See results

One Tough Horror Movie Question

Talk about being under pressure to get questions about horror movies right... seesh! Every big time horror fan in the world probably loved this film because they could relate to someone in it. I wonder how many got the Friday the 13th question right, though?

Some Random Horror Movie Trivia

  • The use of caller ID increased by more than 300% after the release of the 1996 movie Scream. What I would like to know is how many people called that number back and what did they say?
  • Gene Hackman dropped out of acting in and directing The Silence of the Lambs after having second thoughts about it being too violent and dark; he did this despite putting a large sum of money down (along with Orion Pictures) to buy the rights to the book.
  • An actual witch was hired as a consultant when The Craft (1996) was in production. Pat Devin, High Priestess of Covenant of the Goddess, offered advice that lent a sense of reality to the film, though a lot was added for entertainment value.
  • Se7en director David Fincher told Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey that “this is not going to be the movie that you’re remembered for, but it may be a movie you’re incredibly proud of.” Having watched this movie several times of the years, I couldn't agree more.


Looking for a Hard Horror Movie Quiz?

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Why Would You Ever Remake That Film!

Worst horror movie remake?

See results

Actors Who Appeared in Horror Movies Before They Were Famous

Horror Movie Quiz (Difficulty Level: My Head is About To Explode!)

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The Ultimate Horror Movie Quiz

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Horror Movie Quizzes and Trivia (The Reveal)

What percentage of questions did you get right?

See results

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