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Scary Horror Stuff's Making a Point About the Now Classic "Horror Short"

Updated on October 24, 2016

How about an in-depth look at the horror genre at the granular level? Something concrete and maybe even a little real.... They're called horror shorts, visual short stories represented mostly by two-sentence scarers of the freakish kind, and here's the best part: some of those posts are actually true. That makes them ripe for visualization, conceptualization and storytelling on the film scale. Hence why we're seeing that trend lately.

But Are These "Horror Shorts" Clearly the Rage -- or Just a Fad?

They do work in delivering the chills. Rightly so. When dealing with a simple short (like a short story), horror doesn't work any better than that. It's aiming for a kill shot. That's why we're seeing such an upsurge in stories delivered this way. No more drawn-out features (with "Lights Out" being the only exception). Here's a quick list of some real frighteners:

  • Thin Walls -- Who knew humming could be scary? It's the simplest ideas churning up the fiercest of scares.
  • Ding Dong -- Yes, doorbells. This short is all about doorbells. Trust us: it's a bit chilly watching this one.
  • Last Drive -- We'll admit, we're a little surprised that this short runs for only 3:41. It feels like you're watching a feature about a man dragging a corpse through a remote forest....
  • Clickbait -- Right off the bat, you'll get the scares from anything involving the Internet when you think about it.
  • The Cop Cam -- Think "Cops" meets "The Blair Witch Project." Think on that for a moment.

Try and Not Admit That These Horror Shorts Didn't Straighten Your Spine Out a Bit

It's all about the short spurts (of blood!) that'll get the hairs on your neck stretching out in fear. You can, of course, see a truckload of these horror shorts spawning from the darkest corners of the Web on YouTube. Honestly this may be the birthing place for some of the most acclaimed film directors of our future, as proven by our history of directors spawning shorts of various other genres. We're only noticing it now thanks to the digital age --

Instead of developing film shorts and showing them at festivals, uprising directors are filming shorts and simply uploading them on YouTube for everyone to see. It promotes visibility, outreach, interest -- and more importantly, a better chance to get recognized in the industry.

We're in an age where creativity meets technology in its simplest form. The ability to be creative and expand the scope of someone's imagination (which, as we all know, horror's all about imagination) gets a boost from all the options available with technology, plus now we're able to explore that imagination with convenience: the horror short.

Go Ahead and Check Them Out for Yourself

All you need to do is get on YouTube, type in "horror short" and watch the search go crazy with uploads from some of the most promising directors of the genre. You'll know straight away that the horror short (sometimes associated with found footage) is here to stay.


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