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Five Classical Horror Movies You Should Definitely See on Halloween

Updated on October 14, 2013
Halloween has slowly become one of the most prominent celebrations of the year. Let's see how people celebrated world-wide.
Halloween has slowly become one of the most prominent celebrations of the year. Let's see how people celebrated world-wide. | Source

How is Halloween Celebrated Around the World?

Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations around the World, and it is celebrated by millions of people every year. Take Americans for example. They love Halloween! They spend over eight billion dollars a year for it. Now that's what I call devotion to passion. For most people who haven't been living under a rock in the past three decades, Halloween is something they have heard about, something they appreciate, but the truth is that nobody knows how to celebrate it better than Americans. (and this is probably because it is closely related to their history)

As far as I'm concerned, I have always been fascinated with history and the occult, and Halloween is the perfect combination of both, so before I present you with the top ten Halloween themed scary movies, I would like to present a brief history of this wonderful tradition. Also, I donât want to bore you with details since there are already so many great lenses about the history of Halloween like: Fun Halloween History.

A Brief History of Halloween

If you ask me, Halloween is the perfect example of different cultures blending together to create one outrageously awesome celebration. It all started during ancient times, when the first festival for celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of winter was born. The festival, which was known as"Samhain" was basically a harvesting festival that marked the end of the Celtic year. Historians later discovered that Celtic priests (also known as Druids) had the gift of foreseeing, and on the date of 31st October they would present them during a large bonfire festivity. This was the first time that people used costumes (if you can call animal skins costumes).

The Harvesting Festival

The Harvesting Festival: Samhain
The Harvesting Festival: Samhain | Source

As the years went by, the Celtic territories were invaded by the Romans, who left their distinctive mark on the celebration of Samhain. With them came two important days called Feralia (a celebration in which the romans paid an homage to their dead) and Pomona (a celebration for the roman deity of fruit and trees).

By the time Christianity spread to the magical Celtic territories, another festivity was absorbed,the All Saints Day. This day was renamed All Hallows Day, and it was eventually shortened to"Halloween". Each and every celebration has left its distinctive mark on the day of 31st October.

5 Movies You Should Watch on Halloween Night


As I was saying, not all of us are as fortune as Americans, and we may not all have the possibility to take part in grand celebration of the saints, the forsaken and the occult. So while everyone else is busy preparing their costume, you can sit at home with your Jack-o'-lantern eat some sweets and enjoy one of these thematic movies.

Be warned: Some of these Movies are not for the faint of heart. Before I start the countdown, I want to also mention a great article I read about 100 Movies of all Time from a Modern Perspective, in which you can find out about the best films that were ever produced.

Movie Trailer

1. Halloween (1978)

To call "Halloween" visually perfect and incredibly intimidating would not do the it justice. The movie was released in 1978, and to this day it has remained untouched by most critics. Considering that it was made from a tiny budget of $300.000, and in only 20 days of filming it is shocking how well it turned out.

In "The Night He Came Home" Carpenter achieved his career-making success with a horror movie that touched the audience at a level deeper than most slasher films. According to Canadian reviewer Robin Wood "the film's confusion in the conception of the monster and its lack of real thinking are covered by the formal and stylistic inventiveness". Overall, Halloween is a masterpiece of horror movies that has changed the way that people view the celebration of 31st October.

Get the movie on Amazon

Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]
Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]

This movie is older than me, and probably older than most of you, and it still continues to enchant viewers for the simple fact that it is one of the best horror movies that was ever created. So if you want to make your Halloween night special, download it, sit tight, and have fun!


Movie Trailer

2. The Midnight Hour (1985)

Call me old-fashion, but I really do believe that the classic horror (or not so horror) stories are the most interesting ones. "The Midnight Hour" is one such movie. If you are a fan of Michael Jackson you will definitely have the time of your life watching it. In many ways, it is similar to the "Thriller" video, with the only exception that there is no red leather jacket (although there are zombies dancing around graveyards).

The plot is quite simple: a teenage boy called Phil tells his friends about an ancient witch named Lucinda. The group decides to "tamper" with her clothes which were stashed away in an old basement. During their visit to her secret stash they accidentally come across a cursed trunk and release a spell that raises the dead from their graves. Don't expect the movie to be scary or anything, because it was made for a TV show. It is one of the funniest things you could ever watch on Halloween night because it is littered with clichés and funny moments

Get the movie on Amazon

Midnight Hour (1985) [VHS]
Midnight Hour (1985) [VHS]

For a long time, this movie was not available for purchase, but Amazon has recently put it on the market. This is the type of Halloweenie that you can watch with your family, and it isn't at all expensive. Check it out on Amazon.


Movie trailer

3. Trick'r Treat (2007)

Trick'r Treat is another example of tribute for Halloween. As a reviewer said "This movie loves Halloween so much you can almost taste the candy corn." In the movie we are presented with four interwoven stories about a high-school principal who is actually a serial killer, a couple who have contrasting opinions about Halloween, a group of teens who carry out a vicious prank and a college-age virgin who is trying to save herself for her knight in shining armor.

You can be sure that "Trick'r Treat" will send chills down your spine, and above all the action happening, the movie's characters are played by big names like Anna Paquin, Brian Cox and Leslie Bibb.

Get the Movie on Amazon

Trick 'r Treat
Trick 'r Treat

Trick'r Treat is the type of movie that will make you laugh and shudder in fear at the same time. It is a mean-spirited Halloween anthology that is sure to become a yearly tradition for Horror fans, and a great way to spend the night of 31st October. The actors make an incredible performance, the story lines are captivating, and the effects are incredible. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested in it.


Movie Trailer

4. Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Have you ever heard of the headless horseman? If you haven't then you will surely remember him after watching "Sleeply Hollow". The best thing about this movie is that Johnny Depp plays the role of Ichabod Crane, a New York City detective who uses unorthodox methods to solve cases. His new adventure carries him to Sleepless Hollow, a place of legend and mystery, where a number of people have been found dead.

A story of love, adventure, occult, legends and mysteries, where the logical battles the illogical and a ghoulish carnival unravels slowly. Some have actually called the movie picturesque because it doesn't use flashy special effects, but rather classical techniques that make it unmistakably one of the best gothic-like creations from Tim Burton.

Get it on Amazon!

Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow

The best movie with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp working together (except for possibly Edward Scissorhands). The performance of the actor is outstanding, the contrast between logical and ilogical fascinating, and the overall dark twist in the plot will leave you wanting for more. Check it out on Amazon!


Sleepy Hollow

Movie Sequence

5. Rocky Horror Picture Show

I may be mentioning the Rocky Horror Picture Show last, but it is definitely my favorite of all the movies mentioned. I will start by saying that Tim Curry's transvestite role is absolutely delicious, and the songs are impossible to forget. ("I'm just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual, Transelveniaaaaa.. haha..").

Anyway, the movie is a wonderful mix of freak show, musical, and cultural institution. In it, the main characters, Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick), and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) are trapped inside a strange mansion filled with strange people, a mad scientist and loyal assistants. Whether Brad and Janet are the transvestite's next victims of carnal delight or murder is still uncertain. Watch the movie and find out! One of the best reviews for the movie was:

"One hundred minutes of pure queer celebration that manages to concoct a bizarre cocktail of sincerity and reckless abandon". And indeed, you will definitely abandon the whole world for 100 minutes, if you decide to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Get it on Amazon!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

You should definitely see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at least once in your life! For a movie that has no real plot, it continues to charm even after so many years. But this should not come as a surprise considering that the brilliant Tim Curry plays a lead role in it. Get it in Amazon now!


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    • Martine Andersen profile image

      Martine Andersen 6 months ago from Norway

      Good movie picks! Love the original Halloween

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      Rich 3 years ago from New Jersey

      All worthy movies.....nice list.

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      Stickmonkey 3 years ago

      Great list