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10 hottest Asian actors / men

Updated on June 19, 2013

In the United States, Asian men / actors are not perceived as attractive. Back in Asia, there are lots of very attractive / masculine Asian men and they are very popular among female fans. This hub lists ten most attractive male actors in the entertainment business. I have included Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian men in this hub. Hope you will enjoy this list.

Yu Qing Bin – He is my favorite on this list. Yu Qing Bin is a young Chinese actor from Northeast China. Yu has a set of small, single lid eyes that make his whole face stand out. Despite the popularity of androgynous beauty standards for men in the East, Yu Qing Bin exudes masculinity with his chiseled features. He stands at 6 feet and 1 inch; Yu's height adds to his masculinity.

Yan Kuan – Yan Kuan is another young Chinese actor that rose to fame recently. With his tan skin and masculine features, Yan has a large female fan base in China. Tall men are usually more attractive to women than shorter ones; Yan stands at 6 feet.

Chun Wu – Chun Wu is a Chinese / Taiwanese actor that rose to fame several years ago when he first started in the music business. Chun was born in Brunei and came to Taiwan to pursue a career in the entertainment business. Originally, he was a fitness trainer back in his home country. Contrary to the popular belief that Asian men are skinny, Chun is very muscular through his hard work at the gym.

Takeshi Kaneshiro – Takeshi is half Japanese and half Taiwanese. He is very famous due to his chiseled good looks.

Kimura takuya – Kimura is one of the most popular actors in Japan. For many years, he is the top actor in the Japanese entertainment business. Many women think that Kimura is the definition of gorgeous.

Rain – He is a very famous Korean singer that is known for his muscular body and singing. On the dance floor, he will impress women with his smooth moves. In addition to his perfect dance moves, Rain has a very cute face.

Hrithik Roshan – Hrithik is a very famous Indian actor that is known for his cool looks. Even at age 39, he is still very youthful and gorgeous. Aside from his cute face, Hrithik is very successful in the Indian entertainment business.

Joseph Cheng – In many parts of Asia, the androgynous look is very popular among female fans. Joseph is a prime example of that beauty standard. Due to his height, 6 feet 2 inches, Joseph was a model before he started in the acting business.

Dylan Kuo – Dylan is another actor that started his career in the entertainment business as a model. Due to his cute face and height, Dylan was very popular with female fans all over Asia.


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    • dailytop10 profile image


      5 years ago from Davao City

      Where's Lee Min Ho? hehe


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