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Top 6 hottest sexiest Japanese actresses / women

Updated on August 26, 2011

Everyone loves to look at beautiful women, even gay men admire beautiful women. In my opinion, some Japanese women are just so beautiful and they are so stylish it's amazing. Japan is a very fashionable country that its citizens are obsessed with fashion, brands, accessories and just looking great in general. Here are the top 6 hottest Japanese actresses (in no particular order, they are all hot!). Hope you enjoy this.

Chieko Kawabe – she is Japanese actress, model, radio announcer and singer. She is mixed. She is part Japanese and part Filipino of Spanish descent. She does not look mixed however she does have these huge lips that are very very sexy.

Nozomi Sasaki – She is a Japanese model with a very cute face and a very hot body. She is a mixture of cute and sexy.

Meisa Kuroki – she is a Japanese actress, model, singer and voice actress. She has a very exotic look because of her mixed blood. She is Ryukyuan and Latin. Although her look is distinctively Asian, there are some other elements that give her a little bit of Latin spice. Anyway, she is very gorgeous and has a very cute smile.

Fukuda Saki – She is Japanese actress and singer. I think she is very beautiful however her face appears to be slightly on the bigger side. The chin area looks bigger in many pictures.

Aragaki Yui – She is a Japanese actress and model that is very popular. She is Ryukyuan origin. She smile is very pretty.

Mika Nakashima – She is Japanese singer that is very popular and noted for her talent. I like her look because it is very sexy without exposing skin which is rare. She is unique too in her look because it is not typically considered pretty. Here are some pictures of her.


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    • profile image

      Lisa0919 3 years ago

      My favourite is Aya Sugimoto. She is very sexy and sophisticated woman. I also love her voice.

    • profile image

      kameanme 3 years ago

      woooo!!!! they are all cool!!!!! I realy like Nozomi Sasaki and where is Erika toda!?