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how did Duck Dynasty get started?

Updated on February 16, 2013
Duck Commander's founding family
Duck Commander's founding family

Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show based on the lives of the Robertson clan. Phil Robertson began making duck calls over 25 years ago, and started selling them from his truck. His calls were widely considered the best, but his business never took off. He would drive from store to store trying to sell box loads of his hand-carved duck calls. Over time, the reputation of the duck calls grew. Serious hunters wanted his calls, but couldn't find them at the big stores. That is until, his son Willie became CEO of Duck Commander. Willie has an MBA in business. Under his leadership Duck Commander started selling duck calls to big chain stores, and the orders continued to grow.

Today, Duck Commander is a multi-million dollar company. Since the release of their show, the Robertson's business has exploded. Now they sell T-shirts, bobble heads, aprons, and even recipes. There are book deals, celebrity appearances, and product showcases expanding their net worth on a daily basis.

The Robertson business is very family-oriented. Most of their immediate family is employed by Duck Commander. Jase Robertson is the company CFO. Phil is now more of a retired founder with a vested interest in the company he began. Si Robertson (Phil's brother) is also an employee. He sports a long beard like the rest of them, but his is cut at an angle. He maintains this for safety. When firing old guns with hammers, his beard would get caught. With the angle, his beard is less likely to get tangled or ripped out.

Jase has been the most visible on social media. He regularly updates his Facebook page, and even answers questions here. The most asked question relates to the Duck Dynasty crew's marital status. Jase reiterates that they are all happily-married, with no intentions of changing that.

Thus far the families and greater family has held together through fortune, but will fame change them? It doesn't seem likely. The fact that Phil refuses to move out of his small rural home is an indication of just how content he is with being a "redneck." The boys did opt for bigger houses, but maintain a low profile for the most part. They prefer hunting to red-carpets. THis family doesn't need reality TV to make a living. They made their fortune the old-fashioned way: by making a quality product and working hard to grow their business.


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      Hey duck dynasty if. You know where. Cisne is then go to 207. Mullberry street bring all of the family