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How do celebs make it to page 3 ?

Updated on August 6, 2012

How do news and tele media make us come back to them after some lousy political bulletin ?

Needn't mention ... Some celeb buzz . But how to they manage to air those virgin tabloids so often ?

Well , may be its not them who make it ; its the celebs who make it there .

What is the need? Well , most ... I don't say all, but most seem to like it . May be all the gossip and cameras please them .

Whatever it might be, thanks to the celebs who do it to a fine art, that both the media and we are bailed out after some bugging headlines .

Here are some formulae celebs use for making it to the page 3

Make-over : Nothing makes the heads and the cameras turn faster than a makeover does . No matter what it is ; spruced up hairĀ  , flaunting lips , an eight-pack , molded nose, a size-zero or a goatee. Celebs choose this formula to make sure that their next venture receives due attention like Amir Khan did to promote Ghajini , or to prove it to their wives that they have grown younger and need a younger partner , like Saif Ali Khan did .

Be a Party animal : This is an ever working axiom for celebs who are always free . Yes you got it right . I meant - jobless . Many celebs and models choose this formula hoping to find some work and ensure they are able to party further or at least be self sufficient .We can call it less of partying and more of networking. Since such celebs are ample in number , we can find profuse parties thrown with some bizarre themes . Recently, a lavish fancy party was thrown in Mumbai for the promotion of ...... ???? ....... an NGO . Ha !

Spread the Gyan : This is a novel formula to gain both publicity and make some quick bucks . Very few celebs like Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu employed this trick of spreading knowledge and gaining attention .Shilpa took full advantage of her new found fame and her curvy presence , by launching her first yoga DVD called Shilpa's yoga that targeted her UK fans.

Rule the battle ground : Hmmm .. .. sounds interesting . Isn't it ?? Yes , they too know that . Its quite obvious that being macho is a sure captivator . Who on earth would snub a celeb machismo ? He He ;)

keep reading : This formula comes as a savior when embarrassed with questions like - " why there is no work in hand since long ? " . We often get to hear lines like - " I'm reading scripts but don't really find my kinda stuff these days " , " I'm being offered some films lately but I'm being choosy " . Oh come on ! We know what these things mean . Such celebs also come under the limelight for the kind of ironic answers aired . Such light hearted bites are welcomed after all :D


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