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How Perfect Were These Strangers

Updated on February 13, 2018

This was a really great show about two nephews one from the USA and the other from Greece. As the nephew from Greece comes to live with his nephew from the USA we get to see what it is to be a stranger in a strange land living with a native. Both nephews have problems understanding each other, not only because they are completely different persons, but also because they come from completely different cultures.

As to be expected the American cousin Larry thinks it is important to become succesfull, where the Greek cousin Balki finds becoming a success as important as enjoying live. So during the whole series of Perfect Strangers, Larry teaches Balki how to become more American, while Balki is teaching Larry to start enjoying live more.

So as we see both characters develop during the serie we see Larry, who has a problem with morals and having fun, become a more amiable person, while we see Balki become better at English. And this also is part of the fun of this series as we see Balki make all these strange sentences because he speaks his English with this strange accent and using certain words in a strange way. After which Larry corrects him, which often bewilders Balki even more.

Of course this kind of comedy was not new and after Perfect Strangers it has been played in many different forms. Examples of this kind of comedy can be found in Mork and Mindy, Fantasy Island, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Neighbors, all comedy series in which we get to laugh about the fact that someone uses English the wrong way.

So if you like to laugh, but also want to be remembered that life is about more than getting rich and famous Perfect Strangers is a perfect series to watch.

Have a laugh while two cousins from different countries learn to live together and teach each other how to live.

What did you like about Perfect Strangers?

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