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How to create a gaming montage

Updated on April 3, 2012

Montages to show off your skill!

Have you ever been interested in showing off your game play to your friends, family, or even just the internet? Well a montage may be the way to go! A montage is series of clips put together to show off a specific feature of a game, such as sniper kills, a certain champion, or just awesome kills in general. Below is a Call of Duty 4 - Sniper Montage by iamhqfighter.


The first step is to get an idea of what you want to create the montage for. It could be trick shots, your favorite character, anything really. You need to then start playing that character, or getting those shots so you have footage of them. You also need to select a track to go along with it, this will be in the music section down below. Also, expect to be doing this for a while, to make a good montage you need the time to find the clips, get the right music, and put it all together. Don't expect to do it one day, or even a couple of days, as it may take a week, two or even multiple weeks.


You need to record your gameplay to show it off. To do this you can use a couple of different recorders. These can be free or you could pay for them depending on quality.

Common free ones inclued:


Game Cam


What you use is completely up to you and what you can find, I would suggest searching around for what works best for you.

Use this program to record while you play, which could decrease your FPS (which is why you need to find a program that works the best for you)!


Once you have the clips you want you need to find music for your montage. Generally people choose music that is upbeat and goes along with the game well! I have seen music go from hardcore, rock, alternative, dubstep and so much more! Anything you like will generally work as long as the flow of the game goes well with it. This is very important! If the flow of the game does not go with the music it will ruin the entire montage. Below are examples of good music you could use, but find what you like and what you would think works.

Tip: An important part of the music is to have it be original and creative, don't be afraid to use a song you've never heard of before but works really well with the video! People don't care if the song is most popular, they want one that fits well.

Ones I enjoy


This is an important part of the montage. Here is where you bring all the clips and music together and create it! You will need a program to do this, there are many free video editing software that will do your deeds well, but if you want to do really good editing you will need to buy a program.

Here is a free one I recommend Windows Movie Maker, the only problem with this is its glitchy, but its the best you're gonna get for free and if you're patient it will suffice.

You will want to use the selected program and import your media. Put it in an order that fits well with songs. I would recommend putting shorter clips with a faster part of the song and longer clips with a slower part of the song. Try to match bass or specific parts of the song with a specific part of the kill, such as in dub step the drop is a perfect place to put an amazing kill. This will make your flow much better. Along with this I would suggest using transitions! They add fluid motion between clips; however, don't overuse them. If you are in the drop part of a dub step song I would suggest not using them and just putting the clips in an order you like! But between longer clips its nice separation to segway into a new clip.

Editing is also very important part here! If you are good with certain programs, mainly ones you buy, you can do some creative editing to highlight a kill or specific region of the screen! This will draw the viewer's attention and make you're montage much, much better. Be careful though, if you add too much editing it will completely ruin it for the viewer, so find the right balance. A nice place to add editing is to go along with the song as well.

Finally you want to process or render, depending on program, the video. There are many different ways you can do this! I would suggest doing a google search to find the specific way, since there are many different kinds. I however would stress one thing. Make sure the resolution and aspect ratio are right for wherever you are uploading to. This will ruin the video if you mess it up(I have done this before).

What type of montage music do you most enjoy?

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My Montage

Here is a montage I create not to long ago. I messed up on the aspect ratio, which is why it is so small :(. It was my first one and got some good and bad reviews. I learned many things, one of which is do what you like and it will work. If you think an idea is dumb don't do it! Do what you enjoy and what you would want to watch and there will be people who will find it interesting!

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    • profile image

      rubenrobi 2 years ago

      Nice explanation of "creating a montage" I really wanted to know tips on build/making a montage. I haven't finished my yet will with your help thank you very much.