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How to Dress Like Adam Levine

Updated on March 22, 2013

How to Dress Like Adam Levine From Maroon 5 and The Voice

I have yet to meet a girl who didn't go crazy over Adam Levine (Maroon 5, The Voice). Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to BE him. Well, good news! After reading this blog, you will be that much closer to your goal. Adam has several key outfits and styles for different types of events. We will discuss the main ones that are easily, and hopefully inexpensively, achieved.

The Basics

With so many outfits to choose from, I decided to start with the most basic. This is the classic white T-shirt and black pants combo that you will usually see him in. He wears different cut shirts: crew cut, V-neck, and if I'm not mistaken, sometimes women's. The ultimate result will be the same for you, so go with which one fits you best. American Apparel is my go to brand for plain T-shirts. They fit tightly without being uncomfortable.

The jeans are going to be the next step. Don't go out and buy the first pair of black skinny jeans you find. Try them on and get a woman's opinion. Some guys just can't do it, and that is OK! Try on a pair of slim straight, or even classic straight (seen here). The options are all there for you to get the look that you feel best with. Carbon jeans from Rue21 fit nicely, as well as Hollister Co.

The shoes are going to be different for every outfit to some degree, but if you want the pair of shoes that will work with ANY outfit like these, go with Sketcher's Alley Cats.

The Leather Jacket

To add one more layer to this look you just achieved is by adding the leather jacket you see here. It is very typical to see Adam in his photo-shoots sporting a number of different leather jackets, but below are just a few ideas you can choose from. Another thing to look for is the wayfarer sunglasses he is seen it from time to time. It looks like a pair of Oakley's, but there are inexpensive alternatives to this as well that you can take advantage of.

The GQ Look

The key to pulling off most of the red carpet looks that Adam utilizes is LEARNING TO LAYER. Then become familiar with a store called Express. This look is going to get a little more expensive, but Express is still way cheaper than Armani. The tight button-ups and nice set of tailored pants are going to be focal, but take a look at something else: even the jacket's are tailored. Put the time in and find the right suit jacket for you. Accessories and belts are "layers" as well. Make sure you are equipped with a nice Fossil watch. They have plenty of styles for plenty of price ranges. The best shoes for this look would be a pair of black oxfords. Or if you are really expressive, try on a pair of wingtips.

The Sweaters

Lastly, if you have seen "The Voice" on NBC, you know all about Adam's sweaters. Some are a little more crazy than others, but the one viewed here can be a nice winter look. Hollister Co. has some very tame sweaters, but feel free to shop around online for the pattern you want.


Go out and enjoy your new found style. Just remember: style responsibly.

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