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How to make a SuperGirl costume

Updated on June 22, 2014

Super Girl

Super Girl is one of the most well known female characters in comics. She is well known not only to cosplayers, and comic buffs, but also to everyone else. The Super Girl costume comes in two styles. The modest version, and the bare it all version. I'm not a complete fan of the show your bits and pieces version. I like costumes to be some what modest, and still have a lot of sex appeal to it. The version I will be doing is the more modest version.

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Super Girl

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Here is another instance where there is a variety of styles to choose from. Super Girl is depicted from long straight hair, to long wavy hair, to short hair. The color of the blond also varies. However the most common hair style used is the long straight hair with a side part. The choice is yours.

Don't forget your wig cap! I can't stress how important it is to use a wig cap. It keeps you from looking like a hot mess up there and keeps away stray falling hairs.

The Bodysuit

First, lets start off with the top. It is a blue, skin tight leotard. Super heroes love them some leotards! Anyways, the color you want to choose is the ROYAL BLUE.

Second, you want to purchase and sew (highly recommend hand sewing) the patch on to the chest area of your leotard.


The skirt is a plain red pleated skirt. The brighter the red, the more rich it will make your costume. Remember, Superman and Super Girl's costume are vibrant. Now the skirt length is dependent on your preference. You can go for knee length, mid thigh, or under booty if you want to show off your goodies.


You want the cape to be matched the closest to the skirt or vice versa. It can also be various lengths, but in my opinion I think it should be some where between right under your backside and your knees. Ultimately it is your choice what you feel comfortable with. Once you have your cape you want to bring the top corners to the front side of each shoulder and sew it in place. You might also want to sew it around the border of the neck to hold it in place better.

Gold Fabric

So this part can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing. I'm going to try to explain this the best I can. If you look at the picture for reference you will see that the gold trimming around the waist band of the skirt has a "V" cut in the front. You want to cut the fabric thick enough to border the waist line of the skirt, cutting a "V" in the front. Next, you want to sew it on carefully. You can also use craft foam as a base and sew or glue on the fabric. Another option is trying to find a thick enough ribbon/gold trimming to use. Also, if you want you can sew a trimming around the end of the sleeves.


I'm a firm believer in leggings. It keeps your legs looking flawless.


For the boots you have two options to choose from. Thanks to Wonder Woman, you can use her boots and they look fabulous with the costume. The other option is just a plain red gogo boots.

Super Girl Costumes

If you still want the easiest route....

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