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How to Harmlessly Scare People

Updated on May 19, 2015
Are you scared now?
Are you scared now?

So you want to scare people? You really want to terrorize others without actually being labeled a terrorist?

Well, you are in the right place. I have the same urge too. In fact, to tell you the truth, I have been doing that for quite some time and I must confess, it’s so much fun.


Of course, if you are living in a society where so many are timid and often times, conformists which means easily predicted too, then you will understand why I said that scaring people harmlessly can be so much fun.

So without much ado, let’s just dive.

C’mon, let’s go scare some people now.

This is how.

Look steadily at them

This one is the easiest to do. Just focus your sight on someone until they start feeling the eyes on them. When you finally manage to catch their attention, don’t look away but rather try as much as possibly to look steadily at them.

They will start getting scared. It happens all the time. They will start wondering. And their imaginative minds will kick into action and start darting to every possible corner in search of what could be arousing your intense interest in them in that manner.

Beware! Don't say you were not warned. They might (even be tempted to) call the police for you! Just to tell you how scary but powerful this strategy is.

Don’t ever smile

Smiling makes one seem like friendly. Everybody loves friendly people. So when you don’t smile, automatically you appear unfriendly.

And scary too.

In fact, to scare people very well, you can practice both looking steadily at them together with not smiling. You can also wear a slight frown or worried look on your face.

That combination can scare the shit out of people.

Meanwhile, behind that mask, you are laughing your silly ass off.

Ha ha ha…

Talk about Death

And blood and rape and murder and coffins and graveyards. People are so scared of these things.

Some people would never ever want to hear any discussion concerning those things because they consider them to be so dark while some others believe that it brings bad omen to them.

If you like, you can scare them even more by making your conversation on these topics seem so relishing to you.

Naturally, they will start wondering and questioning the type of person you really are and why you have such a very dark mind.

Walk noiselessly

This is a very sure way of scaring people. Take your time to practice how to walk noiselessly like a ghost.

Take your time to move closer to stand behind or beside them without making any noise.

You will surely scare them.

And you will also enjoy their scared reaction when they suddenly become aware of your presence!

Act like a Satanist

Satan is one entity that scares so many people for different reasons. To scare people in this way, simply embrace the concept of Satan.

Talk about Satan. Discuss the occult. Tell them you read mystic books. Discuss Illuminati. Flash the Devil’s hand sign occasionally and wear clothes that have triangles drawn on it. You can also talk about Doomsday and Armageddon.

You are sure to scare so many people in this way!

But I must warn you here. This one can be quite tricky because the people you might have succeeded to scare in this way might stay scared of you forever!

Wear black

There’s something dark about the color black. Use that to your advantage if you are really bent on scaring some people.

Black is very noticeable so make sure it becomes your official color.

Create even a stronger impression on their minds by wearing dark goggles too such that your eyes are always hidden from their sight.

Always be Alone

A person who is always found alone is always presumed to be a very dangerous and obnoxious person.

People will want to stay away from you because you are a mystery, sort of, to them. They don’t understand you.

And that is what will scare them.

They will naturally assume that you are capable of doing so many things—evil things actually.

Create a Routine

Create a routine and follow it up religiously. You will think people don’t notice these things but I’m telling you now they do.

So feed their curiosity with the routine you have created.

It might be something as simple as waking up every morning at the exactly the same time and going for your early morning jog.

It could also be something as simple as listening to only mystic songs.

But you can sure get them talking by taking it further by forming the habit of burning incense at a particular time in the night.

You just get creative.

Don’t greet

And don’t acknowledge someone’s greeting too. I know this might sound like you are being rude so you may just nod your head just for courtesy sake—and continue with your business.

You create the feeling that you are completely aloof and your aloofness can be quite disturbing to some people.

If you live in a society where people value greetings so much, then to avoid being seen as a total snob, learn how to be brief in your greetings.

A curt greeting and then you continue on your way leaving the person wondering about what on earth could be so important that you are really pursuing.

Be mysterious

Of course, this is the point of this whole thing. Mystery attracts just as it frightens.

So try to build up on your mystery because that is what will eventually get you noticed and keep the tongues wagging.

Live like a hermit. Make your source of income unknown. Have only few friends, if any at all. Don’t talk or say much. Speak only when spoken to.

And to add icing to the cake…

In whatever you do, endeavor to be calm and calculated always.

It really scares and even confuses people, most especially when it appears as if you are always completely unruffled when others are blowing their tops. Don't forget that this behavior can also attract people to you when their curiosity gets the best of them so you really have nothing to lose.

Yes, it is what makes you appear different, which can scare others.

But who cares?

As long as you are really and truly having fun and enjoying the drama of scaring people harmlessly!

One thing you must always bear in mind. Approach with caution. Some people can be so gullible and when you give them an impression of what you are not, they will eventually believe that.


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