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How to write a screenplay

Updated on December 28, 2015

How to write a screenplay

Do you want to write a screenplay in 30 days?, and better than that, Do you want to sell it perhaps under 60 days?. Probably you have tried without success and now think is a really hard task to do it, but the truth is that anyone can write a screenplay...although only few people know the little secrets that film industry demands to a screenplay before it becomes a success. In fact there is little real competition out there.

The fact of writing a successful screenplay, in the right way is easier than most people think...and do

To write a screenplay - Is it Too Hard?

Afraid of lacking of skills to screenwriting might be too much for you to handle? Or maybe you've tried every method on earth to do it well without satisfactory outcomes or even you are so confident your screenplay is well done but in any case you are stuck on the level where you don't see results, nor money. One thing to take into consideration is that maybe all you know until now about writing a screenplay and more important sell it, is wrong. Even if you think you have learned from experts. The question is if those experts are really succeeding in film industry, if they don't and you neither is the time to reconsider whether you must change all your process to write a very profitable screenplay. Don't worry - step by step instructions will make it easy for you.

Why anyone could write a succesful screenplay

First of all, anyone could write a successful screenplay because the main things that are required to do so, are an idea and the motivation to communicate it in the right format, to the right people, in the right moment. Yes, that's all what you need plus some valuable techniques to do it. Probably you get amazed but is not necessary to write a novel to get success, is not even necessary write anything but only be able to get a worthwhile idea and show it properly to a movie studio executive, for instance.

How to write a screenplay that could be easily sold and very profitable

The main reason because are rejected many of the screenplays which are sent to be reviewed by a film producer or a member of a movie studio is because most of them lack of the very essential features like structure, story, plot, characters, etc. That means that about 90% of the writings are worthless, consequently there are very little competition if any in the field, in contrast what is currently believed. So, one thing you should carry in your mind is to find the tiny but valuable secrets and applied them to your work in order to skyrocket your possibilities to success in any film business...Yes, including Hollywood!!!

Every film-maker loves a good screenplay

Learn how to write a good screenplay and you can become the center of admiring of film industry.

Once you get started and develop a bit of confidence, it will naturally push you to the next step and next level of screenwriting.

Become a sought-after screewriter in Hollywood or in any other place of the world.

Books About How To Write a Screenplay

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    • profile image

      Echo Phoenix 5 years ago

      I have one I believe is really good and an underwritten genre yet I have not been able to finish it... I would really like to finish it and sell it!