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How Vinyl Is Making A Comeback

Updated on January 26, 2013

Vinyl Records Introduction

If you were like me who had a lot of vinyl albums and 45s, we were told when CDs came out the sound would be much better. I did not feel that way. I always felt that the vinyl sound was better than CD. When CD's began to take hold, we either sold or gave our turntables away or just junked them along with our vinyl records. With the advent of cassettes, eight-track, and CDs vinyl had its days numbered. CD sales are dropping because of the MP3 downloads from the internet. Vinyl is making a comeback. In 2008, vinyl had an 89% increase in sales. Music companies are again making money selling vinyl. There are companies that are now selling vinyl for current artists across the country. This lens will provide information on vinyl and how to purchase vinyl records and turntables.

What Makes Vinyl Unique?

Each vinyl LP and 45 has its own imperfections. It's the imperfections that make each LP and 45 unique and the sound associated with it. Those sounds make the LP and 45s irreplaceable. A CD does not have any imperfections. Each vinyl record carries with it a personal stamp. Another unique piece to vinyl are the covers that they come in. You admire the albums artwork. How easy it is to open the album by using your thumbnail across the cellophane sheath instead of various gadgets trying to open a CD jewel case.

What To Play Vinyl On

Now that vinyl is making a comeback what do I play them on? I have not given my vinyl away and have stored the LPs and 45s in the attic or basement. Now what? Companies are now selling turntables to play your old vinyl LPs and 45s again. Some of these are state of the art machines. If you cannot afford a new one you can find some at the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores or even at garage sales at greatly reduced prices. Your biggest issue is trying to find replacement needles for these turntables. When buying new you will be able to purchase additional needles. Companies like Walmart, Target, and Kmart are now selling turntables at reasonable prices. You can go on the internet and find companies that are selling turntables as well.

Can Vinyl and Digital Coexist?

Yes, digital and vinyl can coexist. You cannot take your turntable with you if you want to listen to music while traveling. The MP3 player will come in handy. However, when you are at home, playing the vinyl will be a higher priority than the MP3 because of the unique sound that vinyl offers to the listener.

How Can I Replace My Lost Vinyl?

This may be easier than you think. Go online and find any company that sells vinyl. Find out what they are selling in the way of titles, current, past or old. There are companies like Nina's Discount Oldies that sell vinyl including 45s. I have purchased many of my missing records through them. Another way of replacing your missing albums is going to garage sales or estate sales. You can get albums very cheap. Check with your older family members and friends. They may have vinyl and wish not to keep them.

Here are some sites where you can look to find some rare vinyl LP & 45s for your collection:

You will also find turntables by clicking here.

Converting Vinyl To Another Format

Now that you have a way in which to purchase vinyl LP and 45s, you can also transfer this good music to your CDs or MP3 players. Some of the newer turntables offer this format. Be sure to check out all of the systems functions before purchasing. Be sure that the turntable you purchase comes with a special adaptor for playing your 45s. Otherwise, you will need to buy a special device that can play 45s.

You will also find turntables by clicking on this link. You may even be interested in the Top 100 songs from 1955-1970 found on this site. Click here Now! You may be interested in viewing the top 100 charts from 1890-2010 if you are click here now!

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