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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Workout Plan

Updated on May 10, 2010

Hugh Jackman is one of Hollywood's Most Muscular Actors

This site is focuses on Hugh Jackman and the methods that he uses to keep in such great shape. In case you haven't noticed Hugh is buff! The guys is in outstanding shape.

New Trailer for Wolverine X-men Origins

This movie shows just how ripped Hugh Jackman gets for his role as Wolverine. He is actually quite strong for his size. Keep reading below to see how strong he got for this role.

Hugh Jackman's Workout Plan Part 1

The routine he did to get in outstanding shape for Xmen

Jackman was in pretty good shape before he even prepared for his role as Wolverine, but wanted to add a bit more muscle. It was actually more important that he stay lean while gaining muscle. You see, Wolverine was ripped (as are most comic book characters) wouldn't work for Hugh to get bulky.

Two Phases: Tempo Phase for Mass...followed by Strength Training Phase.

Each phase lasted 6 weeks...

Gaining Muscle Phase: Hugh Jackman's trainer changed the tempo that Hugh had been lifting to force the muscles to force the muscles to grow. He had Hugh lift the weight for 3 seconds up and one second down. At first this limited the amount of weight he could lift, but as he adapted it help him put on a lot of lean mass.

Strength Training Phase: This phase was all about lifting as heavy as possible with no rules on tempo. He just wanted to see how heavy he could lift. The great thing about the previous phase is that it made these weights seem lighter. Hugh actually was benching 315 for reps before filming began.

He alternated these two phased for 5 months...

Note: Click on the picture above and watch video #3 (it's a cool technique)!

Hugh Jackman's Workout Plan Part 2

How he stayed lean while ganing muscle

How He Stayed Lean During This Training: The last week of each phase, he would lift only once per week and concentrate hard on interval cardio. These workouts were intense and meant to help him burn off any little bit of fat he accumulated during the 6 weeks of each phase.

Every Friday was Bootcamp...

He didn't want to follow a typical bodybuilder routine, because he needed to have a sleek strong look...not slow and bulky. This is why he would take part in an hour and a half bootcamp every Friday. It was brutal bodyweight and interval style training to boost the metabolism and keep him lean while gaining strength.

Summary: Hugh Jackman wound up looking amazing for his role as Wolverine. He did it by gaining muscle at a slow rate while staying lean the whole time. For most people it is a mistake to follow the bodybuilding approach to gaining simply isn't healthy or as effective to gain all the extra fat along with the muscle. Use an approach similar to Hugh Jackman for better results.

Women Love Hugh Jackman!

Here is a clip from his newest movie, Australia. Women love his rugged good looks. I haven't seen the movie yet, although my girlfriend is begging me!


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