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Martin Scorsese's Hugo Soundtrack Features 21 Songs By LOTR Composer Howard Shore

Updated on January 13, 2013

Music & Songs Hugo Movie

Cinematic legend Martin Scorsese teams with Lord of the Rings composer Howard Shore to bring Brian Selznick's highly acclaimed book Hugo Cabret to life with the Hugo Soundtrack score consisting of a magical 21 tracks.

Hugo is Martin Scorsese's first 3D movie and the Academy Award winning director is well suited to direct a film adaptation of a book about movies and the history of cinema.

Published in over 30 different countries, Hugo Cabret author Brian Selznick in an interview at Book Expo America 2011 readily admits he "had no idea if anyone would read it" and further, when writing the children's fantasy story, had no idea the movie would be a blockbuster holiday release or even "if kids would want to read a book about French silent movies and clock making."

The weekend's holiday releases when it comes to kids and family movies are loaded with lighter fare that's more accessible to younger kids such as Happy Feet Two, The Muppets and Arthur Christmas. According to BoxOfficeMojo, Paramount is only releasing Hugo into 1,200 theaters vs. the 3,000 theaters for The Muppets & Arthur Christmas.

With strong critical reviews, let's hope after the initial holiday rush at the theaters that for Scorsese's sake, the more artistic Hugo gets the attention it deserves with a wider release and perhaps find a spot to enchant a generation of young movie goers.

Hugo stars Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley, Jude Law, Ray Winstone, Christopher Lee, Helen McCrory, Richard Griffiths, Frances de la Tour, Emily Mortimer, Michael Stuhlbarg and Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz. Release Date: November 23, 2011.

Hugo Movie Photo

Source: The Hugo Movie Companion By Brian Selznick

Hugo Soundtrack List

Click on the cd cover or any of the songs below to hear songs from the The Hugo OST. The MP3 Album download is now available on

Hugo Original Score
Hugo Original Score

01. The Thief (4:21)

02. The Chase (2:50)

03. The Clocks (4:28)

04. Snowfall (1:51)

05. Hugo’s Father (3:25)

06. Ashes (2:33)

07. The Station Inspector (1:10)

08. Bookstore (1:52)

09. The Movies (1:29)

10. The Message (4:37)

11. The Armoire (2:33)

12. Purpose (2:04)

13. The Plan (2:49)

14. Trains (2:50)

15. Papa Georges Made Movies (1:53)

16. The Invention Of Dreams (6:29)

17. A Ghost In The Station (6:01)

18. A Train Arrives In The Station (3:26)

19. The Magician (2:34)

20. Coeur Volant, Zaz (Elizabeth Conoir, Isabelle Geffroy, Howard Shore)

21. Winding It Up (4:11)

Hugo Soundtrack List

Source: Film Music Reporter


Filmography Composer Howard Shore - Lord of the Rings, Twilight

Howard Shore Soundtracks
Howard Shore Soundtracks

What's the Song in the Second Hugo Theatrical Trailer? - "Breath and Life" - The Adjustment Bureau

It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what song was playing until I finally figured it out, it's a music cue from trailer music company Audio Machine called "Breath and Life" used extensively in The Adjustment Bureau movie trailers.

Hugo Movie Trailers - A Martin Scorsese Picture

"I Had to Be Here For Some Reason" - Asa Butterfield as Hugo

"You've Got a Bit of Talent" - Ben Kingsley as Melies

"Where Are Your Parents?" - Hugo and Isabelle

"Of Course We Can Fix It" - Jude Law and Asa Butterfield

"Drawings" - Hugo and Isabelle

Behind the Scenes With Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese on Hugo

Martin Scorsese on Hugo

Hugo Movie Release Date

November 23, 2011

Source: BoxOfficeMojo


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