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Updated on August 17, 2014

Norwegian appliance rock ROCKS!

Have you ever had a friend email you a link to something on YouTube that just blows your mind and you wonder how they managed to stumble across it?

One of my friends did that to me, and what they introduced me to was HURRA TORPEDO. Please allow me to share my experience of Norwegian appliance rock with you!

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" performed live by Hurra Torpedo

This is how I first heard this band, and I want to share this video with you, so that your first experience is like what mine was. Yes, it's the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" that you remember from the 1980s, which was originally done by Bonnie Tyler. This version has more of a metal edge to it. Literally...

More Hurra Torpedo

Here are some orignal songs by Hurra Torpedo, and a few other covers. Remember Simple Minds' "All the Things She Said?"


Here are some MP3 downloads of Hurra Torpedo songs and one of their albums.

The Ultimate Stove

Watch as the guys from Hurra Torpedo find a stove in a junkyard with a Norwegian brandname that means "Norway." It's the Ultimate Hurra Torpedo stove! Seriously, this is a reality show moment, only it's just reality and not a show.

Get Deeper into HURRA TORPEDO

Listen to some interviews and more with those track-suit-wearing, appliance-pounding Norwegians.

So, how'd you like the Norwegian appliance rock?

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