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[Korean Drama 2013] I Hear Your Voice

Updated on October 21, 2014
I Hear Your Voice
I Hear Your Voice

I Hear Your Voice (IHYV) is a courtroom fantasy romantic drama which has successfully conveys the compelling humanity messages to the viewers.

Many viewers, including me, initially attracted to this drama due to its noona-dongsaeng sweet relationship & mind-reading plot; but as the drama progresses, we realized that this drama has convicted us with its moral stories & messages; that "we should never hold grudges and hate other people; as life is not even long enough to love each other, so why waste our lives hating other people?" A mind-blowing truth!

For anyone who's involved in law; prosecutors [prosecutor Seo Do Yeon], lawyers [lawyer Shin], public defenders [Lawyer Jung Hye Sung & Lawyer Cha], judges [Judge Kim Gong Sook -v- Judge Seo Dae Suk], juries; they have to deal with their humanity & pursuit of justice on daily basis. Justice -v- humanity; evidence -v- justice; which one matters? Many times innocent people are given unfair judgement just because the evidence is against them; although the fact is they're not guilty. So what can all these people do? Should they just keep their silence or re-open the case & fight for justice? Their perspectives & sense-of-justice will make or break their clients.

IHYV explores these issues through various different cases & people, starting from the hero's father who's convicted with unfair murder case. The heroine, Jang Hye Sung, who witnessed the whole incident and the real killer; decided to be righteous and gave her testimony in the courtroom, although nobody asked her to do so; and the real killer threatened to kill her & everyone who's close to her. Then the drama fast forwards to 10 years later, the heroine is now the public defender, who... doesn't care about representing & defending her clients. Her sense of justice that she has when she was young is nowhere to be seen. The hero, Park Soo Ha, is desperately looking for this young woman and promised to protect her. Soo Ha is gifted with mind-reading skill, he assists Hye Sung resolving difficult cases. Through Soo Ha who can read other people's thoughts, Hye Sung can understand her clients' perspectives and this shapes her into a lawyer who has compassion and excellent sense-of-justice.

Sometimes, it's incredibly hard to accept the truth, and people prefer to lie / pretend that the truth never exists. This drama teaches us to be brave, to tell the truth regardless how hard, how ugly, how uncomfortable it is for us. Because we can never cover up the truth, it will always prevail in the end.

Image Credit: YesAsia

"It is unforgivable for knowing the truth and acting like you don't know it" -Hye Sung-

Details, Teaser & Casts


Number of Episodes: 16 (extended to 18)

Original run: 5 June - 1 August 2013 on SBS every Wednesdays & Thursdays 22.00 KST

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Production Director: Jo Soo Won (Alice in Cheongdamdong)

Scriptwriter: Park Hye Ryun (Dream High)

Official Website: your voice

Average Rating: 18.8%

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Teaser (English Sub)

Jang Hye Sung
Jang Hye Sung


Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) is a public prosecutor who gives in to the law very easily. She doesn't have any compassion to her clients; she only works for the sake of money. She witnesses the hardship of life when she's young, the unfair treatment her mother & her received from the family where her mom works. Nobody trustsher although she tells the truth. The only time people believe her is when the court accepts her testimony, she burst into Park Soo Ha's father murder case hearing and presents the evidence she recorded on her phone. She doesn't know that this testimony will haunt her for the next 10 years and her family will suffer because of it. If she knows, she would pretend that nothing happened.

She works hard to overcome her poverty; gets accepted as a public defender. But her lack of conviction turned her into a complacent public defender. That's until she meets again with Park Soo Ha, a young man who can read her thoughts. A young man who has crush with her ever since she helps him in that courtroom.

Hye Sung is a very brave, courageous woman who believes that everyone has a choice to be a victim or be a winner. If they stay still; then they will become a mere victim. But it they decide to revenge, then unfortunately, they're no longer victim, but a bad person, even a murderer if they kill people like Min Joon Gook. But if they decide not to live as a beast, to forgive the bad guy and stand on justice, then they will become a winner.

Park Soo Ha
Park Soo Ha

Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) is a 19 years old college student who can hear other people's thoughts. He initially dislikes his telepathy superpower because his world is very noisy and he can't choose the voices he want to hear.

After his father's death, he is being tossed around like unwanted person; his uncle pretends to be nice to him, only because of the insurance money.

He has a crush with a noona who saves his father from injustice and for 10 long years, he tries to find her. He promises he will protect her and he will do anything he can to be there for her.

When he finds out the harsh truth about his father's past; he almost gives in to the reality of life, he almost wants to become a killer to protect his precious woman. But then he realizes that it will harm him in the end; so he decides that he won't live as a beast.

Because of his talent, sometimes he hears people's most secretive thoughts. So he has to pretend that he doesn't know these truths to protect these people.

His talent is proven to be very helpful in court cases, especially when they don't have enough evidence to proof that the defendant is innocent.

Jang Hye Sung & Park Soo Ha beautiful relationship

Cha Kwan Woo
Cha Kwan Woo

Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) is an idealist public defender, he listens to his client and trusts them. He uses his warm personality to grasp and digs into his clients' hearts; he understands their frustration and always does his best to find the best way out.

Sometimes his fellow lawyers will question his (sort-of) lack of justice; because he prefer to prove his clients' innocence using a very odd method; but his methods always work.

For example, when he represents a deaf woman who spent most of her life unable to hear anything and it turns her into a very angry woman; he plays a very loud music in the courtroom. When the judge and everyone get upset & angry; and ask him to turn it off; he firmly tells them that this is what his client experiences on daily-basis.

He's able to bring evidence using very practical methods. He's one of a kind, he's a public prosecutor who gains respect and trust from murderers like Min Joon Gook. He's the mediator to mediate people who has nobody who trust them.

He's the one who will open Hye Sung's eyes and help her to shape into a dependable public prosecutor. He has one-sided love with Hye Sung.

Seo Do Yeon
Seo Do Yeon

Prosecutor Seo Do Yeon (Lee Da Hee) is Hye Sung's childhood friend / enemy. Together with Hye Sung, she witness Soo Ha's father incident, however, unlike Hye Sung, she runs away from that truth.

10 years later, she becomes a selfish prosecutor who only cares about protecting her job as a prosecutor. She never looks beyond the presented evidence, she's not working towards justice to free innocence people. That's until a very harsh fact turns her life upside down. It makes her to feel the empathy that she never experiences before. She starts to look at people differently and works harder to find the truth from other sources.

Min Joon Gook
Min Joon Gook

The villain, Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In) is a very pitiful man; he holds grudges his whole life; he's unable to move on and forgive people who hurt him & his family. He is alone, lonely, nobody trusts him (except Lawyer Cha) and he has nobody to protect. His only ambition in life: to terrorize Hye Jung and Park Soo Ha. He wants other people to feel the same way like he does; he wants to turn Park Soo Ha into someone like him.

I Hear Your Voice Awards

2013 APAN Star Awards - 16 November 2013

- Best Leading Actress: Lee Bo Young

- Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk

- Male Acting Award: Jung Woong In

- Best Couple: Lee Bo Young & Lee Jong Suk

6th Korea Drama Awards - 2 October 2013

- Daesang: Lee Bo Young

- Top Excellence Actor: Jung Woong In

- Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk

- Best Production Director: Jo Soo Won

- Best Couple Award: Lee Bo Young & Lee Jong Suk

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