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Music is My Life Quotes

Updated on December 15, 2015

Love Music

Music is your  life or soul?
Music is your life or soul?

Best Music Quotes

Music lovers will definitely enjoy these best quotes about music. Well, these music quotes are not from some songs or music videos but the following lines consist of inspiring messages about music.

Music Is My Life Quotes:

  1. Music is a way to escape from reality, it soothes the soul enlightens the mind, as my heart stares into the sky hearing and feeling all the poetic lines.
  2. Confession # 8: I love music! All types of music. When I'm on my moods I like to listen to music it helps me to think better and relax my mind.
  3. In music, if you allow yourself to be at peace and listen closely, there is a message that you can prevail over your troubles only if you believe in yourself.
  4. So for a short period of time, I was able to forget my worries, immerse myself in music.
  5. I love a very wide variety of music if you haven't guessed that already.
  6. Knowing the difference between bad love and good love is what keeps the train on the track and the music flowing like honey.
  7. Music can make you feel so relaxed even when life gets to be too much or a bad day, music gives me peace for a while.
  8. I am beyond tired of country music. I'm not saying it’s all bad, but it's mostly bad and it makes me want to kick things.
  9. Music is my life! Life is nothing without music! The music takes me to my happy place and lifts me high as the clouds.
  10. This time is joyous. I wish my friends were very beautiful; may this day turn your life with its beautiful colors and flavors of music.
  11. There's just something about the music that I find just completely pure and overwhelming calming.
  12. The music that gets listened to the most is bad for your health. The music hard never teaches you about real wealth.
  13. Why do politicians change for worse? When they were looking for our votes, they were so soft like Lilly, contrary to what we used to know, new music with bad lyrics.
  14. Music cures everything that goes bad in your life, because when it hits you, you feel no pain. Go dance your life away.
  15. There's no such thing as a good or a bad genre of music. All of them have their goods and bad, just accept it.
  16. Many people turn to enjoy music, sing along and put in their own melodies but when it come for them to sing without that favorite artist turn up to be bad singers. Why is that?
  17. It’s funny how people hate mainstream pop music solely because it’s mainstream and that’s not hip, but go crazy over the same pop music that they hear on the internet.
  18. I don't know what I would do without music in my life! Good or bad days it has been right by my side and never fails me.
  19. Without you, I feel like I am in a bad music video.
  20. Memories are powerful, some are good and some are bad. But the beauty to have the time to have them, makes them beautiful. I usually have time to myself while I meditate, walk, and listen to music.

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    • profile image

      Sandy 5 years ago

      I like lyrics of old country songs, it always remind my teenage first love.