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I Will Always Love You ♥ Who Sang it Best?

Updated on July 5, 2012


I Will Always Love You... Who Sang it Best?

I think Whitney Houston sang this song best!

When I saw her performance of "I will always Love you" in the movie "The Bodyguard" (1992), it left me in tears, along with millions of other viewers. She also made pop music history by making her mark on what was previously a great country song done first by the song's writer and singer Dolly Parton (1974). According to this pop music lover, Whitney did it BETTER! And the recent Tributes? I'll give my opinion of those, too.

I gave you my opinion, now let's see if I'm right. Please give your opinions in the debates and share your views by voting in the polls below.

Enjoy these video versions of "I Will Always Love You".

And Whitney? We miss you. Your talent blew us away.

May you rest in the peace that you may not have felt for quite a while.

Dolly Parton sings I Will Always Love You - I have to give her additional credit since...

She wrote this heart-breaking song and has been singing it since 1974. She created it as a musical farewell to Porter Wagoner when she wished to leave his show. He gave her permission as long as she agreed that he could produce it. She did, he did, and it's hit the top music charts 3 times since then. The song reached #1 twice in her own name, and again with Whitney Houston's version.

The videos below capture the span of years Dolly has sung this song.

But Whitney Houston did Sing it Best!

Watch the movie clips and performances below and you may see what I mean.

Who sang "I Will Always Love You" Best? - Dolly or Whitney?

Anyone can leave their Vote. However, entries won't appear until moderated.

Who did it Best?

Queen of Country ~ Dolly Parton!

Queen of Country ~ Dolly Parton!

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    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Dolly Parton has such a clear, pure voice and I loved her version of this beautiful song way before Whitney Houston even knew about it! While Whitney did an amazing job of belting out this song, it never had the emotion of Dolly's version. I'm for Dolly!

    • Ruthi 5 years ago

      Although Bodyguard was a fabulous film and Whitney sang it with style, singer/songwriter Dolly Parton reigns Queen upon the throne of I Will Always Love You!

    Queen of Pop ~ Whitney Houston!

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      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I think because I first heard it by Whitney Houston I will always love her version best. It wasn't until I blasted it on my stereo that my Dad told me that Dolly Parton wrote and sang it first.

      • kimadagem 5 years ago

        Dolly wrote a beautiful song but I think Whitney made it really special.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Whitney Houston she got a beautiful voice. However I do like Dolly but Whitney wins it for me sorry Dolly

      • TenPoundTenor 5 years ago

        Whitney. Hands down. I like Dolly's version but Whitney Houston had a stronger voice.

      I first heard this song in the movie, "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"(1982). This film starred Dolly Parton as a Madame in love with Burt Reynolds as a local Sheriff. The film chronicles the issues they have on opposite sides of the law, and the hijinks of the Mayor (Dom Deluise) trying to close the whorehouse, despite the protection of the Sheriff. Not a serious storyline, but fun in clean, but slightly dirty, PG-13 way that was a popular comedy format in the 1980s.

      This movie has some great songs that crossed over into the pop music genre like "I will Always love you" which, regardless of the country twang, stuck with me. It also featured the song "Hard Candy Christmas", which is a still a holiday favorite.

      When I first heard the song again in the trailer for the romantic suspense film "The Bodyguard", I was thrilled. Never a great fan of country music, I fell in love with the soulful version sung by Whitney Houston.

      The film was a blockbuster smash, and songs from the soundtrack album tops the charts, and very deservedly so. I was not alone in my appreciation of both the film and the songs sung by Whitney. According to her version of "I Will Always Love You" hit the Number 1 spot on the Billboard 100 for 14 straight weeks which was record breaking feat. No surprise there. It's one of the few songs that stands the test of time and I expect it may reach the tops of the charts again.

      Want your own copy of these movies? Click on the photos courtesy of

      "I Will Always Love You" on MP3

      Whitney Houston

      Dolly Parton

      Leann Rhimes

      Linda Ronstadt

      Since Whitney's untimely death on February 11, 2012, several singers have sang this song, and others, in tribute to the talent of the popular songstress. The first tribute of " I will always love you" I was made aware of was broadcast during the Grammy Awards by Jennifer Hudson. Although quite touching, Jennifer did okay with her rendition, but I didn't feel anywhere near the bittersweet emotion and thrill of hearing Whitney's vocal range.

      I really thought we'd never hear the song done nearly as well as Whitney.

      Although young and still working on her own style, Glee's Amber Riley proved me wrong. She doesn't have the maturity and experience to give her all as Whitney did, but I'll be watching her for years to come.

      What's your say?

      Jennifer Hudson sings "I Will Always Love You" as Tribute to Whitney Houston... - at the Grammy Awards

      My opinion... Eeeh. So-So.

      Maybe it's the lack of time for a good rehearsal, but it doesn't feel like a knock-your-socks-off kind of performance.

      Awesome rendition of "I Will Always Love You" sung by Amber Riley - She's a American Idol reject and star of Fox-Tv's Glee

      My opinion: Whoo-Hoo!

      Rejected by American Idol? They must be nuts.

      Her range is fabulous, and the producers of Glee added a whole lot of talent to the show with the addition of her character Mercedes Jones.

      Tribute to Whitney: "I will always love you" ~ Who sang it better?

      Reminder: Anyone can leave a comment, but will not appear until moderated.

      Who sang it best?

      Amber Riley in "Glee"

      Amber Riley in "Glee"

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        • anonymous 4 years ago

          amber riley in glee

        • anonymous 5 years ago

          Hands down Amber Riley no competition!!!!![And trust Amber can most definitely sing ''I Will Always Love You'' Live before people start commenting,but it wasn't live!!!!!]

        • anonymous 5 years ago

          The best I have heard for a while

        Jennifer Hudson in the "Grammy Awards"

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          • Liveliferead LM 4 years ago

            Jennifer's almost fully A Capella (only a piano) version is amazing, so pure and raw. We must remember this rendition wasn't about crazy vocals but about a tribute to one of the most amazing stars. We heard Jennifer's pain of her loss of somewhat of an idol. It left me completely speechless!

          So, Who SANG "I Will Always Love You" the absolute BEST? - I think I know your answer, but I'm asking anyway :)

          I Will Always Love You...Who sang it best?  Vote now!
          I Will Always Love You...Who sang it best? Vote now!

          Who sang it Best?

          See results


          We miss you.

          Your talent blew us away.

          We will always love you.

          1963 ~ 2012

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          Any Comments about "I will always love you"? - Anything to add about Whitney, Dolly, Jennifer or Amber?

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            • profile image

              anonymous 4 years ago

              Other than Whitney Houston herself. Amber Riley power,control,range. She sing it almost identically to Whitney's version. Amber Riley has a big future ahead her in the music biz. Amber Riley has the potential to be amongst the great Aretha,Whitney,Mariah that how talented Amber is!

            • captainj88 profile image

              Leah J. Hileman 4 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

              You were my 2700th Squidlike, yay! What a sad song. I liked Jennifer Hudson's performance in light of how much courage it took to perform that in the wake of her own tragic personal loss.

            • puppypics profile image

              puppypics 5 years ago

              In my opinion, I like Amber Riley's version the best. Her voice is fresh, emotional, and at least for me, outdoes Whitney in her prime (at least for this song).

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              Who sang it best.. Whitney, no doubt... for rendition CHARICE..

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              Check out Jennifer Hudson's version when she sings it TO Whitney on BET's 2010 Tribute to Whitney. The vocal performance combined with Whitney's reaction is one of the most heartrending performances I've EVER seen!

            • Bill Armstrong profile image

              Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

              Nice lens, love Jennifers tribute

            • arperinos profile image

              arperinos 5 years ago

              great work,interesting content

            • TenPoundTenor profile image

              TenPoundTenor 5 years ago

              It might be because I heard hers first but Whitney's is still my favorite.

            • profile image

              anonymous 5 years ago

              Dolly Parton was the viviacious original and sang with great soul. Whitney Houston, by the time she attempted this cover, was typically screechy and overclocked. Whitney's attempts to extend the limits of her voice only drew ear-hemmoraging attention to her blaring yet tinny, car-alarm vocal IEDs, which inspired a generation of screaming American Idle WBs. No comparison.

            • profile image

              arunadavis 5 years ago

              I actually didn't know that there are so many versions of this wonderful song. After listening to all of them, I am still biased to Whitney's version. Perhaps, because my mind automatically connects her passionate face to this beautiful song. Thanks for the great lens. I learnt something new today.