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iCarly is I Love Lucy for Teens

Updated on November 23, 2012
The cast of iCarly. The tall guy is Jerry Trainor, the dark hair girl-Miranda Cosgrove andthe blonde, Jennette McCurdy
The cast of iCarly. The tall guy is Jerry Trainor, the dark hair girl-Miranda Cosgrove andthe blonde, Jennette McCurdy

For parents who dismissed the iCarly TV show, or for those with no kids who dismissed it as just a "stupid teen show", they are missing the I Love Lucy for tweens and teens that began in 2007 and has just ended. Kids and parents often cross pollinate one another's life via music, TV, clothes, lingo. They always have if parents are open to it.

This was the case when my daughter started to watch iCarly in 2007, a comedy show that can be as hilarious as the iconic, but now very dated, I Love Lucy of the 50's (granted, spinoffs did appear in the 60's, but they were nowhere as funny).

The iCarly show stars Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy on the Nickelodeon network and merged TV with the computer, as the two girls (ages 13-14 in 2007) have a website that hosts a show within a show. The website is really secondary to the overall comedy show that has been the #1 series for those 5 to 15 with over 50 million viewers still. By 2008, it was even more popular than Disney's Hannah Montana.

But it is the production, scripts, direction, actors that make it one of those shows, like I Love Lucy, that will make it timeless and will endure long after they grow older. It is like "Home Alone" movies in that sense or Shirley Temple movies of the 30's. The actors are well casted and their dialogue rings true with everyday life, hard to believe it is scripted. Sometimes, mistakes or miscues do occur but you are not sure if it was intentional or not, was it really a blooper left in? The actors in the show mesh seamlessly with one other and most are actually friends off camera. The situations are those that do happen to all of us but in a teen setting and most of the time it is NOT about sex, relationships. This makes it refreshing. There is no foul language.

Both Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy are perfectly matched, each is a good actress and they make a great comedic team, even at this young age. The oldest cast member is Jerry Trainor, who plays Carly's older brother Spencer. This guy is a Jerry Lewis in his prime, is the new Jim Carey. He is hilarious verging on stupid. Together, the three will make you smile and laugh for thirty minutes about the situations in iCarly's life for a teen in the 21st Century.

Now, Miranda Cosgrove is 19, a student at USC studying theater. Her first role was in 2003 film, School of Rock with Jack Black, she was only 10. Jeannette McCurdy has a new more mature TV show about a babysitting service called, Sam & Cat.

So, the the next time you need a laugh or just great comedy, go to iCarly, you will return.


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