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iPad Concerts

Updated on September 16, 2015
You look like an idiot.
You look like an idiot. | Source

Let’s bring it back to Woodstock 1969. Obviously this was set in a time before we had the technology we have today was easily accessible, or even invented in some cases, but what do you think of when you picture Woodstock? Hippies? Check! Drugs? Check! Live music? Check! When you think about it, what makes that so different than a concert or music festival in 2015? Back then, people went to concerts to enjoy an amazing live show… with their own to eyes!

Now flash forward to today where concerts are filled with fame-obsessed fans watching through a screen. I only wish I was talking about people sitting at home on their asses watching Youtube. If you bring your iPad to a concert, you should have saved yourself the money you spent on those thousand dollar tickets and done just that… Watched it on Youtube.

In my opinion, the point of going to a concert in the first place is to see a live show instead of sitting at home and watching a music video or listening to a CD. Obviously most people are going to “fan girl” a little bit or get excited about the fact that you’re seeing your favourite band live or in person, but when did going to a concert stop being about the music? Music is a universal language that allows people from different walks of life to bond over one common thing. Isn’t that what concerts should really be about? How can you bond with a community if you have your face glued to a screen for 90% of the night?

“Back in my day” we used to bring a cell phone so we could contact someone in case of an emergency and a small digital camera to take a few memorable photos. That’s it. We went to concerts to live in the moment! Why would you even want to take photos and videos on an iPad when the camera quality sucks and the sound quality is going to be distorted from all the screaming? And think about this, what if you broke it? I’m pretty sure you would be freaking out and so would your parents who probably bought it for you.

I’ll admit that I’ve managed to take some pretty good shots of my smart phone (I’ve posted some below for reference), but again, you should be going to a concert for the live show experience and not to take iPad selfies to send to the bands of 20-year-olds hoping that they’re going to want to marry 12-year-old you.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer live at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. The show was absolutely fantastic! (If you want to see a full review, read the article here) But I was beyond shocked to see a girl standing to the left of me wearing a shirt that read “But you’re not Ashton Irwin”, who was on her iPad for the entire show. She didn’t even look up to see when Ashton spoke, she simply raised one arm and screamed. The only time that I saw her put the iPad down was when she decided to twerk to the song “End Up Here.” The worst part was that she wasn’t even using the iPad to take pictures of the show. She was scrolling through and editing her “selfies” for Instaram… Like, STFU and GO HOME!!!

In light of all these things, I would like to challenge every young concertgoer to turn off their electronics for one whole concert. You may not get that super cute shot of the back of Justin Bieber’s head, but I promise you, it will be a night that you will NEVER forget.

You still look like an idiot.
You still look like an idiot. | Source

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